Key: FAQ_3_5
|cffffffffDoes kgPanels support SharedMedia?|r
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Key: FAQ_4_1
|cffffffffI want to use a particular font, but the list only shows 'Blizzard'. How do I add more fonts?|r

Right now font support is limited. kgPanels will use any fonts available with SharedMedia. The other Option is to replace the default blizzard font ala Clearfont and ClearFont2
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Key: FAQ_5_1
|cffffffffScripting variables available|r
In any defined script the following variables are available:|r

|cffff6666self|r, which is always set to the panel invoking the script.|r

||r, this is the background art frame.|r

|cffff6666self.text|r, this is the fontstring for the frame.|r

|cffff6666kgPanels|r, this is a reference to the kgPanels object.|r

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Key: FAQ_5_2
|cffffffffkgPanels script usable functions|r

|cffff6666kgPanels:FetchFrame(name)|r, this will get any frame defined in your layout.|r

|cffff6666kgPanels:ActivateLayout(name)|R, this allows you to switch layouts.|r

There are other functions, however without detailed knowledge of internal data structures it is advised you do not use them.|r
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Key: FAQ_5_3
English: |cffffffffPassed in variables|r

Each handler passes in the upper level args, (see wowwiki Event api).
The first variable is always self.

OnEvent, we broke up the vararg so your function can simply reference arg1, arg2, arg3, etc..|r

OnUpdate provides the argument elapsed|r

OnClick provides the argument button,pressed and released will be true or false|r

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Key: FAQ_5_4
|cffffffffI added an OnEvent script but it never fires. What am I missing?|r

In your OnLoad, register for the events you wish to receive. i.e.|r


At this current time, Non WoW generated events are not available. So receiving AceEvent-3.0 only message wont trigger your OnEvent.|r
However if you so choose you can could embed AceEvent-3.0 into the frame reference. Please be aware this may cause you to receive events twice.|r
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Key: FAQ_5_5
|CffffffffI added an OnClick/OnEnter/OnLeave script
but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?|r

You need to enable the mouse for the panel to receive those events.

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Key: FAQ_5_6
|cffffffffAre tehre some sample scripts?|r

Sample scripts will be posted on wowace.
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Key: FAQ_6_1
|cffffffffI tried to import a layout but nothign happened, whats going on?|r
Check your console, if the data failed to unpack their should be a message telling you why.
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Key: FAQ_6_2
|cffffffffI tried to export but was unable to import. What happened?|r
Did you follow the status line to copy to your system clipboard?
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