Change log

Tekkub <>
2008-10-24 17:49:20 -0600

Weekly build


Tekkub (14):
      500371d: Fucking holiday minipets snuck their way into the normal pet list
      9b717f0: Complete rewrite for wrath
      91e40e7: Update for build 8714
      d4dd9cf: Fix for LoD
      70fc369: Update changelog for
      0063f8b: Weekly build
      acb9c8c: Merge commit '' into wrath
      9677916: Don't put out pet when flying (silly druids)
      1afbfcd: Don't do anything when in BG or arena
      e167d1e: Don't do crap when stealthed either
      e5734d0: Don't summon at Throne of Kil'jaeden
      9eeebd6: READMEH!
      1df867f: Update changelog for
      6c3b03b: Weekly build

Tekkub Stoutwrithe (33):
      d483f5a: Importing Kennel, Dongle'd
      db83969: Kennel - Added all TBC minipets that I could find (Exodar, Silvermoon and Stormspire vendors)
      0b060b1: Kennel - Removing debug crap
      c6e4a3f: Kennel, tekAutoRep, WoWWiki - TOC updates and Dongle embed imports
      5122719: Updating everything to Dongle-0.3.0-Alpha
      bbf6ac2: Updating TOCs to 20003 across the board (does not indicate support for 2.0.3 until a tag is made and pushed to WoWI!)
      60a9028: Updates across the board to Dongle-0.5.1-Alpha
      d813906: Embed updates across the board to Dongle-Beta0
      596f2f1: Updating embeds to Dongle-Beta0-r237
      d50541f: Updates across the board to Dongle-Beta0-r240
      1ed0b83: Kennel - Update for Dongle beta
      2881dde: Kennel - Lets kill that silly debug string
      8343585: Adding version fields to all TOCs
      675398c: Updates across the board to Dongle-Beta1
      aa3c0b5: Updating to Dongle-Beta1-r260
      d89d851: Updates across the board to Dongle-1.0-RC3
      3db211c: Updating major versions of dongle so that it, like, you know, actually works.
      fe7f70e: Updates across the board to Dongle-1.0 (yatta!)
      f6b167f: Kennel - Updated PeriodicTableMicro to new data, better string to table parser
      3453fa6: Updates across the board to Dongle-1.0-r324
      8520838: TOC updates across the board to 20100, adding TOC updating lua script.
      a44639a: Updating to Dongle-1.0-r871
      f34e785: Buggerfuck
      7cd3b2f: LoadManager goodness for everyone!
      b0abb45: TOC and embed updates across the board
      cd771da: Kennel - more holiday minipetz
      cef2b88: TOC update
      764e7ed: Meaningless TOC update (yes I know 20302 isn't a real TOC, but hey there were significant UI changes in that patch)
      8bfca89: Revert, fuck you haste
      558f5f8: Updating TOC to 20400
      18e3393: De-dongle
      27547c8: Add new pets
      0528022: Bah, missed a paren


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Oct 24, 2008
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