Change log

2012-02-28  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

[6f1457157688] [tip]
* KBF.lua KBF.xml config.lua

do less in on update, strata-based workaround for the SAH bug with failing to hide aura buttons

2011-12-03  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua KBF.xml

finished investigation into the 4.3 issues, clean up to address some of the bugs that were fixed

2011-12-02  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

remove the old hacked weapon enchant stuff since SAH properly supports it now, but turn it off because due to bugs either in KBF or SAH (both?), you get overlapping messed up displays whenever you have extra, non-buff frames

2011-11-28  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.toc

toc bump

* KBF.lua

Add the weapon slot to the weapon enchant tooltip

2011-08-17  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

add windfury to known weapn enchants

2011-07-13  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* embeds.xml

strip unneeded include from embeds

* embeds.xml

update embeds

* .pkgmeta:

don't need aceconfigdialog in .pkgmeta

* .pkgmeta, KBF.lua KBF.toc config.lua embeds.xml

enable config option/gui for consolidated buff option

* .pkgmeta, embeds.xml

correct order of libraries in embeds.xml

* .pkgmeta, embeds.xml

add AceGui to pkgdeps

* .pkgmeta, KBF.lua KBF.toc README, config.lua embeds.xml

start adding configuration - options to toggle consolidated buff support. pkgmeta and embeds updates for the extra libs

2011-06-29  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 1.1 for changeset 2117c1d18fa2

[2117c1d18fa2] [1.1]
* KBF.toc

toc bump

2011-06-05  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

fixes for vehicle swapping, and add earthliving to known enchants

* KBF.toc

toc bump

2011-03-20  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

don't try to clear the OOC function queue unless we're actually OOC, duh

2011-03-12  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

remove outdated comment

* KBF.lua

use the slot name on the bar for weapon enchants, guess at a fix for an error with OOC scheduling

2011-02-23  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

fix some drycoded OOC stuff

2011-02-19  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

fix location not being stored, add a framework for doing stuff when OOC

2011-02-13  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* .hgtags, .pkgmeta, KBF.lua KBF.toc KBF.xml README, embeds.xml

add instant/wound/deadly poison support

2011-01-18  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* .pkgmeta, embeds.xml

packager support for lib gratuity

* KBF.lua

Add in support for custom display of weapon enchants.

2011-01-15  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

Updates to weapon enchant handling - add a phantom frame for the third enchant, move them to the bottom

2011-01-11  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

Finally have the consolidated buff toggle stuff worked out

2011-01-07  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

more dead end exploration into consolidated buffs

2010-12-31  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

Do the refactoring that was needed for the consolidated header, works in a pretty clean way now, still need to get it set up for flyouts and in-combat support

* KBF.lua KBF.xml

hacked in very, very basic consolidated buff support. Needs *much* clean up, get side effects out of functions that don't want them, get the hide/show anchor logic into a secure state thingy


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