Change log

2011-07-13  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

[308371455bc0] [tip]
* embeds.xml

strip unneeded include from embeds

* embeds.xml

update embeds

* .pkgmeta:

don't need aceconfigdialog in .pkgmeta

* .pkgmeta, KBF.lua KBF.toc config.lua embeds.xml

enable config option/gui for consolidated buff option

* .pkgmeta, embeds.xml

correct order of libraries in embeds.xml

* .pkgmeta, embeds.xml

add AceGui to pkgdeps

* .pkgmeta, KBF.lua KBF.toc README, config.lua embeds.xml

start adding configuration - options to toggle consolidated buff support. pkgmeta and embeds updates for the extra libs

2011-06-29  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* .hgtags:

Added tag 1.1 for changeset 2117c1d18fa2

[2117c1d18fa2] [1.1]
* KBF.toc

toc bump

2011-06-05  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

fixes for vehicle swapping, and add earthliving to known enchants

* KBF.toc

toc bump

2011-03-20  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

don't try to clear the OOC function queue unless we're actually OOC, duh

2011-03-12  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

remove outdated comment

* KBF.lua

use the slot name on the bar for weapon enchants, guess at a fix for an error with OOC scheduling

2011-02-23  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

fix some drycoded OOC stuff

2011-02-19  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

fix location not being stored, add a framework for doing stuff when OOC

2011-02-13  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* .hgtags, .pkgmeta, KBF.lua KBF.toc KBF.xml README, embeds.xml

add instant/wound/deadly poison support

2011-01-18  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* .pkgmeta, embeds.xml

packager support for lib gratuity

* KBF.lua

Add in support for custom display of weapon enchants.

2011-01-15  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

Updates to weapon enchant handling - add a phantom frame for the third enchant, move them to the bottom

2011-01-11  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

Finally have the consolidated buff toggle stuff worked out

2011-01-07  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

more dead end exploration into consolidated buffs

2010-12-31  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

Do the refactoring that was needed for the consolidated header, works in a pretty clean way now, still need to get it set up for flyouts and in-combat support

* KBF.lua KBF.xml

hacked in very, very basic consolidated buff support. Needs *much* clean up, get side effects out of functions that don't want them, get the hide/show anchor logic into a secure state thingy

2010-12-29  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.lua

I did not remember to not commit my one-timer hack

* .hgtags:

Added tag 1.0 for changeset c5aea18cbcff

[c5aea18cbcff] [1.0]
* sycn with wowace

2010-12-29  root  <root@db06.curselive.local>

* .hgtags:

Tagging as 1.0

2010-12-29  Chris Mellon  <arkanes@gmail.com>

* KBF.toc embeds.xml

Embedding is hard

* .pkgmeta:

Update pkgmeta to add some missing sub-dependencies and package-as for correct case


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