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15 - Throws apparent debug text and doesn't really "shut off" in 5-mans or solo

(copy of my forum post from two days ago)

Still looking for a permanent replacement for the ICC-impaired HeadCount & the display-impaired NRT, decided to start testing Raid Tracker a couple months ago.

As normally do with mods to be used on my raiding characters, started testing on a low level alt. With v2.2.60, the mod used between 0.500-0.600 CPU/second when the character was idle & solo (tested alone, all libraries disembedded & "most recent" versions from the WowAce SVN/gits). Which is not good at all; didn't test it any further.

Still looking, decided to give the current v2.2.62 a try. On the alt, the idle CPU usage has dropped to 0.130 to 0.140 CPU/second. This was after disabling the "solo" (& party) options in the mod & relogging. Which moves it into the usable category here.

One question, though: why any CPU at all when solo and/or idle? Neither NRT nor HeadCount use any CPU on idle and its unexpected behavior for a mod that should only be active in raids.


Second issue: did a couple 5-man parties & one raid. Carried over from the test, all its "party" & "solo" options are disabled (seems to use a global profile). In the 5-man, got odd debug-like chat feedback at various times:

Auto Event boss update "Trash mob".

Auto Event boss update "Prince Keleseth". (was doing heroic UK)

Received chat feedback with each boss name in the instance after the bosses were killed, like the above. Opened up the Raid Tracker window, it showed the instance name in the header on the left side of the window. No bosses or drops were recorded on the right side of the window.

For the raid, however (it was the weekly raid, first boss in Ulduar), names were recorded as expected along with the loot drops.

In addition to the unneeded chat feedback, seems to be improperly semi-active in 5-man instances even when you have told it not to record anything in them.

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  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 11, 2011 at 06:07 UTC - 0 likes

    Given what I've stated previously. If ther are issues that remain, please feel fre to reopen the ticket stating the particular issues that do remain.

  • Avatar of Celess Celess Feb 11, 2011 at 06:05 UTC - 0 likes

    For the CPU usage, its going to seem random. There are a couple of factors at play.

    One is that there wil be a hit for having events at all. Each mod will get called in turn when its time for wow to propagate its events, thsi however is very minimal.

    The other main issue is that whoever's mods libs get used for everyone, is the one that will get attributed for CPU usage when any mod is using the lib or the lib decides to spend cycles on its own. For instance, if RT was completely quiet, and essentually dead, it woudl stil appear to burn CPU time even though its not.

    On the debug statements, i still recieve events, in order to decide what to do. If you have debug turned on, you will see the events being examined. THis is jsut how things are. The events you can register for are fairly course, and most of them couldnt be turned off ondemand as they would keep me form seeing thngs i still need to see.

    You jsut need to turn off debug :)



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