Joust do it!


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InCombatLance Can not auto-equip your lance while in combat! Equip it yourself! Joust do it!

An error that is displayed if Joust Do It! is trying to equip a lance, but it can't because of combat restrictions.

NoLance You don't have a lance! Get to a Lance Rack! Joust do it!

When a player must get a Lance. "Joust do it!" probably shouldn't be translated

OptCombat Swap to weapons when entering combat while not in a vehicle.

This is a 'checked' option that'll let Joust Do It! swap to the player's weapons if they enter combat while not in a vehicle (joust mount)

OptDismount Auto dismount when equipping lance.

Describes an option to dismount when Joust Do It equips a lance.

WeaponNotFound Could not find %s in your inventory! Manually equip another weapon! Joust do it!

Error when Joust Do It can not find the last weapon (%s) in the player's inventory.

WeaponNotSet Your weapon is not set! Manually equip a weapon to set it! Joust do it!

Error when Joust Do It! does not know what weapon to equip.

  • 6 phrases found