Ji-Kun Nest Announcer

This add-on is used for the Ji-Kun 25-man heroic fight. It announces to raid members, which nest they should visit at the correct moment in time. For a 10-man heroic version of the add-on, see xLevante's add-on.

- Add-on user must be a raid leader or raid assistent
- Add-on user must have Deadly Boss Mods installed.

- Place raid markers as depicted in this image,
- Assign platform tanks, platform healer, flying tank, and spare dps/healer in the add-on options menu
- Spread these 5 people over the 5 different groups in the raid
- Spread the remainder of your team over the 5 different raid groups.
- Verify the assignments with the na /test command
- Start the fight with the na /start command, this will start a DBM pull timer and the add-on
- Stop the add-on by using the /na stop command, if it does not stop by itself.

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Date created
Jun 23, 2013
Last updated
Jun 23, 2013