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ItemLvlDKP Tooltip in Cataclysm


ItemLevelDKP is an addon for calculating DKP based on the item's item level, quality and slot. The result is a price tuned to an item's worth based on what Blizz gives the item of stats.

The calculation is based around the fact that the quality of an item will decide some of the price:

     Blue      = (itemLevel - 1.84) / 6.4
     Epic      = (itemLevel - 1.3) / 5.2
     Legendary = itemLevel

ilvl 359 gives:

     Blue      = 55.8
     Epic      = 68.8
     Legendary = 359

This is the factor which you base your cost on. Secondly you have a slot mod which is a factor that deal with items getting less item budget based on slot.

     head = 1
     neck =  0.54
     shoulder = 0.74
     chest = 1
     waist = 0.74
     legs = 1
     feet = 0.74
     wrist = 0.54
     hand = 0.74
     finger = 0.54
     trinket = 0.68
     cloak = 0.54
     weapon = 1
     shield = 0.65
     2h weapon = 1.5
     MH weapon = 1
     OH weapon = 1
     off hand = 0.52
     bow/xbow/gun = 1.5
     wand = 0.50
     relic = 0.30

This is multiplied with the base cost from item level and quality. A epic, ilvl 359 2h sword will be:

     DKP = (itemLevel - 1.3) / 5.2 * 1.5
     DKP = 103.2

Pricing is limited to armor and weapons, but stuff like tabards and thrown weapons are not included.


  • Make a config panel to edit some factors and numbers.
  • Support lists of item priority?
  • Work out a formula for Legendary Items (Just using item level isn't going to work anymore)


Send me patches on either of the channels listed below. I cannot guarantee all modifications implemented into the addon, but I will do my best to expand ItemLevelDKP.


Written by Raut of Exodus, DraenorEU. You may be able to contact him at

Updated for Cataclysm by Sanctusvirgo of Equilibrium, Laughing-Skull EU. You can contact me at

A lot of the thinking behind this addon is stolen from

Thanks to Lorgoth of Exodus, DraenorEU for input and advice. Also thanks to and my old guild,, for healthy discussions.

Based on Lazare of LightbringerUS work, PriceTag. He claims to have gotten code from the following people:

 "Most of the credit goes to Vita's DKP Tooltip mod and
  to Ratings Buster.  The blame is mine alone.  :-)"

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  • Avatar of Sanctusvirgo Sanctusvirgo Mar 07, 2011 at 16:59 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks, Dridzt.

    Well I have some time scheduled after a raid tonight to go digging deeper into calculations and what not with the addon rather than a quick fix as it's currently at, so that comment will be a big help!

  • Avatar of Road_Block Road_Block Mar 06, 2011 at 00:02 UTC - 0 likes

    Just a note that with Cataclysm the item quality is nothing but a color.
    It has no effect at all on stat budget, the only thing that matters is itemlevel.

    This spans all item qualities starting from uncommon (green) up to epic (purple).

    In layman's terms an item for a specific slot that is an ilvl312 green is actually better (has more stats) than an ilvl306 blue.

    The tiers of loot are separated by 13 itemlevels, intermediate/extra loot coming between tiers.

    5man/honored rep = 333
    hc5man/revered rep = 333+13 = 346
    (4.1) ZA/ZG hc5man = 346+7 = 353 - - intermediate
    normalRaid/exalted rep = 346+13 = 359
    hcRaid = 359+13 = 372
    Sinestra = 372+7 = 379 - - intermediate
    (4.2) t12 = 372+13 = 385
    and so on.

    The first two are "rare" the last two are "epic" but this is irrelevant to the stat budget.
    While the item value formula you are referencing was valid for previous expansions quality multipliers are entirely obsolete and should be removed from the calculation.

    This change is not exactly advertised by Blizz for obvious (QQ prevention) reasons but this is how things stand.

    Last edited Mar 06, 2011 by Road_Block


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