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This addon provides a scoring mechanism for your kit and others that you target. Allowing you to get a numerical value to compare your kit to others. This could be really useful on a raid to see the relative scores of members to work out who is best placed for a particular role etc.

You can see the score of others when you target them. It stores these scores in a table you can view with /iop show. You can view and set the options using /iop options. If you have Titan Bar or FuBar installed you can view your score and get access to the table and options forms by clicking on the Titan Bar or FuBar score.

It also shows a "paper doll" character sheet similar to your regular character sheet except the borders of the of your equiped inventory item icons are colour coded by comparing your current level with the ITEM Level (note NOT minimum level) of your equiped items. It also shows a colour coded Item Level indicator in various game tooltips. Plus if you use Titan you can see your overall on par "score" on your titan panel.

The idea is that you click a button on your character sheet or click on the Titan Panel or FuBar item and get instant feedback on what kit is out of date and ought to be replaced. The colour coding helps this as you can instantly see grey and green items as candidates for replacement. Note just because an item is grey or green doesn't mean that you must replace it. You may prefer your grey/green item's balance of stats to higher level items that are available. So do remember its a guide not an instruction :-)

The scale is the usual Grey/Green/Yellow/Orange/Red, as follows :

Grey - at least 5 lvls below yours (aka why are you wearing/using that rubbish)
Green - 2 to 4 lvls below yours (aka you should think about upgrading that bit of kit)
Yellow - one lvl below to one lvl above yours (aka suitable for your character level)
Orange - 2 to 4 lvls above yours (aka nice bit of kit you've got there)
Red - 5 or more lvls above yours (aka thats a bit special isn't it)

Also White - Item slot empty; and Blue - Item not recognised or not in item cache (marked as unsafe).

This idea has been extended to cover tooltips so hopefully all game tooltips should now show an items actual level colour coded according to how appropriate the items level is for your character. This works in auction houses, in quest rewards, trade and should work just the same in need/greed rolls too.

The "score" feature simply sums the difference in levels between your equiped items and your level. It gives a default score for uncommon (green) items and adds a bonus for rare items (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange) or artifact items. The idea is to give an overall measure of how good your kit is. At very low levels your score will change rapidly as you get equipment but it should soon settle down. You should aim to always keep the number as high as possible, the higher it is the better equipped you are. Every time you level up your score will also change as the score is relative to how good the kit is for your level.

In version 2.20 a major new feature was added to log the Par score of other players that you encounter. It simply logs everyone you target within inspection range and within the level range you configure and stores their info, this includes not only their scores but the list of items they were wearing. You can view the log by typing

/iop show

on the command line or by right clicking on you Titan Bar or FuBar addin.

With the UI display form you can view the scores of players you have captured data of this shows their level, class, guild, date recorded and score. You can sort by any of these columns by clicking on the column title. When you left click on a players name it opens the Paper Doll character sheet and shows the players character sheet as it was when you captured it. This allows you to inspect someone at leisure simply by targeting them. You can view their kit days or weeks later although there is a protection mechanism to prevent a disconnect if you were to view items that the server hadn't seen since a reset.

It has been used extensively as a raiding equipment check tool by numerous guilds. The idea being the the scores give a guide as to how good someones kit is, and if their kit is not up to scratch they can see what needs upgrading. Various guilds adopt different minimum kit levels to raid a particular instance. For example a score of 250 is a common figure seen as a minimum score to raid Karazhan, and 400 to raid Gruul's Lair. This is not hard and fast scores but guide figures set by guild leaders. The idea being that a raid leader can leave out of a raid someone who's kit is just not up to scratch in favour of someone who is more likely to assist the raid. As such this is quite a useful and powerful tool for raid leaders.
In groups and in a raid there are two additional commands :

/iop raid

/iop party
These commands instantly scan everyone within inspect range in your raid or your party. Thus saving you having to manually click on each individual. The results are stored in your IOP table so you can view them at leisure later.

You can get the Titan panel module in the modules directory and the FuBar Module from

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  • Avatar of Pericles Pericles Oct 13, 2008 at 09:22 UTC - 0 likes

    This is part of the reason that WowAceUpdater has been killed off. Version 81789 had a small typo in it that caused the whole addon to stop working. The fixed version was up within 48 hours when people pointed it out to me.

    The latest version is on and is version 11.0 - still beta at present to ensure I've not made any other typos before release on Wednesday for patch 3.0

  • Avatar of KriLL3 KriLL3 Sep 16, 2008 at 23:18 UTC - 0 likes

    I just updated to the latest version using WoWAceUpdater (+81789)

    At login/reloadui I get an empty window with "Inventory on par" written on it, it's shadow is solid to the edges and after closing it the "On Par" button in the character pane doesn't do anything, nor does it report the values of people you target.

    I reverted to the version prior and it works just fine.

  • Avatar of Pericles Pericles Jul 21, 2008 at 14:30 UTC - 0 likes


    When linking to Ace Libraries or files ALWAYS link to the named version not a specific build ie: your link is wrong it should be

    The version without the release number is ALWAYS the latest build thats just how the Ace website works. Similarly InventoryOnPar can also be found at



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