A PvE-oriented mod to help with interrupts, particularly auditory and visual alerts for interruptable spells for either target or focus, with whitelisting and blacklisting.

Currently a BETA. These features are what's ready so far:

  • Announce successful interrupts to party, raid, etc.
  • Choose warning sounds & screen flashes for target and focus.
  • Choose which targets and spells to show warnings for, and which to ignore.
  • Type /ih for options, or use the Blizzard config UI.

Localization will be available for the release version, but not beta. It's too soon to start localizing because I might change the strings still.

Use the WowAce Ticket Tracker to report bugs. Thanks.

Known Issues

A handful of mobs cause warning spam: multiple warnings per cast. I don't understand what's special about these mobs yet, but I want to fix it very soon. If you know more, add to the ticket on WowAce. The workaround is just not to enable the warnings for those mobs' spells until it's fixed; the mod will work fine for everything else.

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Date created
Mar 11, 2011
Last updated
Apr 28, 2011