IHML - I Have Macro Lol!

Macro Suggestions

This is a list of macros that could be useful with IHML, but not useful enough for everyone to be included by default. If you have a good macro (for a specific boss or zone) you want to share, post a comment and I'll add it.


Forge Camp: Wrath and Forge Camp: Terror

If you use Quartz, this macro will start a custom timer when you use the Banishing Crystal.

#showtooltip [flying] item:32456; item:32696
/use [flying] Skyguard Bombs
/stopmacro [flying]
/use Banishing Crystal
/qt Banishing Crystal 180

Magister's Terrace

Grand Magister's Asylum

Macro to target the Phoenix.

/targetexact Phoenix

Tempest Keep

Kael'thas Sunstrider

Macro for hunters to equip the bow, conjure a bundle of arrows, loot the arrows (if you have autoloot on) and equip them.

/equip Netherstrand Longbow
/use Netherstrand Longbow
/use Bundle of Nether Spikes
/equip Nether Spike 

Example of a macro to equip the legendary weapons in combat and equip your normal weapons when you are out of combat. Will need modifications from char to char to equip the right weapons.

/equipslot [combat] 16 Warp Slicer
/equipslot [combat] 17 Infinity Blade
/equipslot [nocombat] 16 Name of your normal mainhand here
/equipslot [nocombat] 17 Name of your normal offhand here

Staff users might want to use their staff too with the same macro.

/equip [combat] Staff of Disintegration
/use [combat] Staff of Disintegration
/equip [nocombat] Your normal staff here

Macro for rogues to not kill the mind controlled.

/cast Shiv

Mount Hyjal

Rage Winterchill

Macro to use the medallion to break the ice block.

/use Medallion of the Alliance
/use Medallion of the Horde

Black Temple

Teron Gorefiend

Full ghost control in one macro! Takes some modification-key skill to handle, that's why it's not included as a default macro.

/cast [mod:alt, mod:ctrl] Spirit Strike; [mod:alt] Spirit Chains; [mod:ctrl] Spirit Shield; [mod:shift] Spirit Volley; Spirit Lance

Shrine of Lost Souls

If you want to make a macro for Reliquary of Souls it's better to use the zone name (Shrine of Lost Souls) than the boss module name since you'll already be in combat by the time the BigWigs module load.

For example:

/cast Kick
/p Kicked!

You could also add a macro for a Nature Protection potion from a cauldron for phase 3. This macro uses the potion from the cauldron, not the normal one.

#showtooltip item:32844
/use item:32844

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