So long and thanks for all the sagefish

This addon has been replaced by new functionality in the default UI.


idHitThat is a simple attack table display. It will add an icon to the character frame to view the various attack tables for you. Use the mousewheel to change the displayed table.

idHitThat will take into account talents that improve hit. It will not take into account talents or racials that effect crit. Warrior and rogue hit talents are not checked currently, because I don't have any toons available to test these with.

If you believe the tables displayed are wrong, please open a bug on Google Code (link below) and include screenshots of the table's tooltip, any talents that should be considered, and any of the character panel's tooltips for stats that should be considered.

idHitThat was initially inspired by lowAvoidance


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Date created
Mar 29, 2009
Last updated
Jul 03, 2011