128 - Display cooldown bar when targeting

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This is similar to the patch I provided for ticket #121, but for cooldown bars instead of (de)buff bars. It adds a "When targeting" display mode which always shows the cooldown bar when you target something, no matter whether the bar is cooling down or ready.

The reasoning is the same: I want to have a bar on screen in a fixed place for my most important cooldowns (such as hand of gul'dan and metamorphosis), whether or not the cooldown is currently active. This makes it easy to see when i can use them. I want the bars to be invisible when I don't target anything though, like the rest of my combat interface, to de-clutter my screen. This patch makes that possible, and basically allows cooldown bars to work the same as (de)buff bars that use patch #121's setting, making them all fit together nicely.

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Changes I made:
    * A new display mode at line 6
    * Some logic to use this display mode around line 695

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lisimba Apr 28, 2011 at 06:08 UTC

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Apr 28, 2011
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