Change log

- Added 90 degree rotation as an option for mirror bars.
- Added support for DogTag strings on buff/debuff watchers.
- The "Dismiss" option in pet right-click menus is no longer disabled for Warlocks.
- Removed extremely old pop-up messages on startup that were appearing for new users.
- Ticket #173: added a toggle to hide the entire HUD during pet battles.
- Added a toggle to only show cooldown modules when you have a target selected for abilities that don't require a target to cast, by request.

- Updated TOC to patch 5.4
- Added Absorb modules for focus, target, and player.
- Added Monks as eligible "tank" classes for the Vengeance module.
- Merged Zahariel's support for the Nine-Tailed SnD bonus duration (ticket #174)

- updated TOC for the options module so it loads in 5.3

- updated TOC to patch 5.3
- fixed a bug in the Warlock module when using numeric mode and switching specs

- updated TOC to patch 5.2
- blacklisted the "dismiss pet" menu entry in pet right-click menus. Hunters should use the Dismiss Pet spell instead.
- disabled right-click-destroy on totems
- added Monk CC spells

- fixed an error in the options module not being updated for 5.1

- updated TOC to patch 5.1
- fixed a bug with Chi power in 5.1

- fixed PVP icon showing up as a green square for Pandaren who have not yet chosen a faction. this fix applies to TargetHealth and PlayerHealth, but not to DogTag text such as on the TargetInfo frame.
- ticket #161: integrated Zahariel's fix for gradients.
- ticket #157: fixed an error when a channeled spell ends early due to being hit. (Thanks, cg110!)

- fixed an error when entering/exiting an instance as a Monk

- fixed SnD duration prediction for 5.0 (thanks Zahariel!)
- maybe fixed reported error message when mousing over a (de)buff in an Info module

- fixed Holy Power only showing 3 max on login instead of 5

- fixed a bug where the shard module could sometimes show zero runes on the graphical display after entering or exiting a dungeon
- packaged the latest version of libdogtag-unit that fixes some errors when using talent-based tags in 5.0

- fixed an error message displaying when opening the options menu as a priest
- removed level restriction on harmony power since apparently that's not a thing any more.
- fixed the fifth chi not always drawing immediately when changing specs to one that grants an additional chi.
- updated harmony power module to refresh itself more frequently so it's more accurate

- added another FAQ to the list
- fixed the numeric display mode for class power counters sometimes showing "..."
- added support for changing the outline/shadowing of all non-DogTag strings on all modules
- added support for showing the numeric value on top of a class power's graphical display. this number can also be moved vertically.

- fixed a few more causes of taint showing up in the glyph ui
- fixed Holy Power non-'Graphical' modes having the images vertically squished
- fixed a few 5.0-related errors appearing in the Threat, CC, and invuln modules.

- fixed Warlock burning embers/soul shards not updating when applying or removing a glyph that changes the total number available

- fixed IceHUD causing taint when applying glyphs

- updated TOC to patch 5.0.4
- full 5.0/MoP compatibility (Monks, new class powers, API changes, etc.) while maintaining 4.x compatibility as well

- fixed an issue where buff/debuff watchers and cooldown watchers would sometimes get stuck and not update

- added some localization entries that were causing errors trying to open IceHUD's options

- fixed a few cooldown bar oddities that 4.3 brought up
- added a toggle to disable tooltips on Info modules

- updated TOC to patch 4.3
- enabled the Totems module for druids since 'wild mushroom' is considered a totem (ticket #137)
- only do spell id exact-match checking if "exact match" is set. otherwise, it will compare spell names
- updated to accept either a spell id or a spell name for custom bars. this allows tracking of different debuffs with the same name (such as Hemorrhage and its DoT). thanks to Nibelheim on WoWInterface for this one as well.
- new 'max health' formula from Nibelheim over on WoWInterface (thanks!)

- updated TOC to patch 4.2
- fixed reported error in the CustomBar module
- fixed error when selecting any of the last 4 presets in the list

- removed the pet happiness DogTag from the PetInfo module default setting now that pet happiness is gone in 4.1

- updated TOC to patch 4.1
- fixed patch 4.1 breakages:
-- removed all references to pet happiness
-- re-implemented pulsing animations for shards and holy power since the Blizzard built-in animation system is now broken (or at least functioning differently than it used to)

- fixed custom cooldown bars not working quite right with the 'When ready' display mode
- fixed PlayerInfo to only show the "buff canceling is disabled" message when a buff is right-clicked instead of any button click. also clarified the popup message to better explain why the feature is currently disabled
- hid "Low Threshold Color" toggle for the PlayerAlternatePower bar since it doesn't make sense for that module
- exposed the "Low Threshold" option to CC bars by request
- added an oft-requested option to treat friendly targets the same as not having a target at all for alpha purposes. this allows people who want the HUD to be hidden when they don't have a target to stay hidden when they target a friendly, for example
- fixed a bug where targets with rage or runic power were considered 'empty' (for alpha purposes) at 0. this was causing them to show up when they shouldn't based on alpha settings
- made custom (de)buff watcher bars respect the bForceHide option for :Show() so that they are properly hidden when a profile change occurs or they are manually disabled via the options menu
- fixed the elite (classification) icon for targets to respect the "lock all icons at 100% alpha" setting

- added new option (enabled by default) to have buffs and debuffs in Info modules sorted by expiration time instead of the order the game returns them in (application time?)
- ticket #116: first attempt at an honest-to-goodness alternate power bar. i don't raid, so i've only tested this against the alternate power in The Maw of Madness in Twilight Highlands...
- GCD bar now stops early if the player aborts the cast or is interrupted (thereby not actually triggering a GCD)
- ticket #119: copy alwaysFullAlpha setting to the mirror bar instance
- ticket #121: patch for new visibility mode in CustomBars
- added spellids for silence from elemental slayer enchant + unglyphed avenger's shield (thanks Mikk)
- ticket #117: respect the user's mod-wide "enabled" setting when changing profiles
- cleaned up some logic that could cause errors when enabling the mod due to a profile switch when the player initially loaded with it disabled

- added feature to custom cooldown bars to allow them to show/hide with the rest of the mod instead of having special rules (if desired)
- added ability to ignore a spell's range/target castability if desired on a cd bar. this allows the bars to display when a buff is ready even if it can't be cast on your current target, for example
- fixed an issue where focusing a unit in combat could cause taint in the FocusHealth module
- added new user-submitted bar textures (ticket #111)
- "fixed" (read: worked around) crash that IceHUD was triggering in the client by implementing a Lua-only version of UnitSelectionColor(). the crash was triggered by having DogTags disabled, TargetInfo enabled, and leaving an instance while in combat with one of the instance's mobs targeted (ticket #110)

- exposed upper text on snd bar since the string specified there is actually used by the module
- disabled the potential duration text on the SnD module when the user has duration alpha set to 0
- fixed a bug where an error message would pop up when enabling the FocusHealth module while a unit is focused that has a raid icon assigned to it
- fixed custom bars not monitoring weapon enchants/poisons correctly
- fixed custom bars and cooldown bars drawing at full alpha at all times
- fixed the threat bar flickering in configuration mode
- added spell ids for holy word: sanctuary and serenity since GetSpellCooldown() is bugged with them by name
- converted DHUD skin from blp to tga because it's acting funny as a blp (ticket #106)

- added custom upper/lower text coloring to buff/debuff bars and cooldown bars since they don't have any dogtag support
- fixed lower text to be visible on custom buff/debuff bars and custom cooldown bars
- re-arranged text settings page so that options are laid out more clearly/naturally
- split the "buffs per row" setting to exist in both buffs and debuffs sub-groups instead of being a module-wide setting (ticket #103)
- added an option to enable/disable mouse interaction on totems
- fixed debuffs on info modules not drawing the proper colored border for the type of debuff
- fixed buffs not displaying the stealable border for mages if they were stealable
- fixed an error when changing from a profile with markers on a module to one with fewer/no markers on the same module
- fixed SnD bar (and potential duration bar) to show and hide much more reliably. previously it would sometimes not display the potential duration or the entire module would be visible when it shouldn't be
- fixed SnD duration bonus from glyph (to 6 seconds from 3)

- picked up latest version of LibRangeCheck to fix ranges reporting incorrectly for holy paladins
- fixed some errors that could pop up with totems and custom bars
- fixed low threshold flashing on custom bars

- added support for custom buff/debuff trackers to be able to track totems by name
- fixed layer ordering such that icons draw in front of bars again
- minor performance optimizations in class counter modules (holy power, shards)
- changed custom cooldown bars back to never forcefully hide themselves when set to 'always' display mode. they will now respect the global transparency settings instead
- added user-submitted CleanCurvesOutline texture which allows DHUD-like casting to be placed on top of another bar and only the outline fills up instead of the whole bar

- minor performance optimizations
- fixed custom buff bars and cooldown bars multiplying alpha values when they shouldn't have been. at low alpha this meant that they were much more transparent than they should have been
- fixed pet health/mana modules getting stuck on the player when leaving an instance while on a vehicle
- re-fixed a bug causing the player mana module to not update color when a druid left an LFD instance while in a form and was immediately placed back on a mount and not in a form
- fixed configuration mode error in the player info module when the player had weapon buffs applied (ticket #104)

- hopefully fixed a few error messages that have been reported, though I haven't been able to reproduce the error messages myself

- added a toggle for the "override alpha" behavior that displays class counters at in-combat alpha when out of combat if the counter isn't full/empty
- fixed the "debuff size" settings getting reset after every ui reload or log out/in
- fixed an issue where the wrong texture could get applied to death runes when changing zones
- fixed markers generating errors or just misbehaving when changing profiles (ticket #102)

- fixed PlayerInfo module misbehaving with temporary weapon enchants

- minor optimization in the threat bar
- fixed secondary threat bar to display properly again
- added support for pets to the second highest threat feature

- fixed the GCD bar not animating

- maybe fixed an issue where some bars (most notably the cast bar) could get stuck
- fixed occasional flickering in the cast bar and threat bar when they are first displayed
- fixed custom module creation not displaying a default
- fixed markers not updating when a bar's inverse mode is changed
- fixed markers not rotating with a bar when the rotation option is set at runtime
- fixed the player's health, mana and cast bars monitoring the wrong unit whenever the player leaves an instance while in a vehicle

- fixed the eclipse bar turning gray when adjusting settings that caused a Redraw()
- added ability to set icon sizes for debuffs separately from buffs in info modules
- rearranged the config screen for Info modules
- markers are now created at the proper alpha instead of 100%
- changed the 'update period' slider to represent number of updates per second instead of seconds between updates. now higher is more frequent and lower is less frequent which makes more sense to users
- fixed text staying hidden when disabling and re-enabling a module
- ripped ~1.3mb out of IceHUD itself and moved it into an LoD IceHUD_Options addon

- fixed markers stuck in inverted mode.
- fixed combining expanding & reverse fill options causing bars to position incorrectly.
- enabled the "expand" bar fill for the PlayerHealth & SliceAndDice modules.
- enabled bar rotation for the CastBar and Eclipse modules.
- added support for rotated markers.

- fixed an error message some users were seeing with certain fonts
- compressed buffs/debuffs in info modules to take up less vertical space when "buff size" and "own buff size" are set to different values
- fixed default Blizzard DK runes being shown when the user had "hide blizzard frame" checked in the runes module but wasn't hiding the player from from the PlayerHealth module
- made class power counters continue to display as long as they're not full/empty (depending on the class)
- more ongoing memory/garbage optimizations
- made castbars always register themselves for updates when shown. fixes a bug where opening the map fullscreen while casting will stop the cast bars from updating (ticket #97)
- most modules now support a new bar filling mode: expanding outwards from the middle.
- shamelessly ripped off code from pitbull4 to replace "set focus" in drop-down menus with instructions on how to do so
- added a check for the player's mana type when PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD fires so that we adjust mana type properly when entering/leaving instances

- fixed the target cast bar to not freeze up and reset itself whenever a UNIT_SPELLCAST_INTERRUPTIBLE / UNIT_SPELLCAST_NOT_INTERRUPTIBLE event fires
- fixed the cast bar to actually use the CastChanneling color when channeling. since this was apparently never hooked up, i also changed the default color for CastChanneling to match CastCasting so that long-time users won't notice the difference unless they've explicitly set a channeling color themselves
- fixed an error introduced in 1.7.2 where the playerinfo's dropdown menu was trying to use the target's data instead of the player's data

- fixed an error that could crop up when tweaking colors
- fixed bars that don't support dogtags in their text blocks to say so in the tooltip instead of telling the user that they can use dogtags when they can't
- fixed late registration of textures via LibSharedMedia so that the ToT bar texture gets updated appropriately
- made height of the ToT frame configurable by request
- extended vertical offset min/max for info modules (ticket #92)
- fixed the Eclipse bar not showing up since 1.7.2 (ticket #93)

- automatically replaced Lacerate/Sunder/MaelstromCount modules with custom counters if the user was using them. custom counters accomplish the same thing and are much more fully-featured/configurable than the old per-ability modules were. the only downside to the new system is that custom counters are loaded regardless of the player's class whereas the old ones only showed for their appropriate class
- hid the "rotate 90 degrees" option on cast bars and eclipse bars since it just doesn't work very well and looks bad. users keep reporting that these are broken when rotating and since i don't have a good fix, i'm disabling the feature for now
- unified the behavior for configuration when a module is disabled. now the sub-configs (marker/text/icon settings) remain clickable but every element inside is disabled when the module is disabled. previously some sub-configs were not clickable at all and others were
- removed most of the rest of the garbage that was being generated during combat or when changing targets
- reduced cpu usage by 33%-50% across the board (and more in some cases) by changing how updates are registered and how often they run. now the 'update period' slider actually matters. it defaults to 0.033 meaning that frames update about 30 times a second instead of every frame
- fixed the "always" display mode for cooldown bars to respect alpha settings (ooc/with target/in combat/etc.)
- added level restrictions to shard and holy power class counters since players under 9/10 (different per bar, using constants provided by Blizzard) don't have those resources available yet
- finally (for reals, hopefully) fixed the gcd for all classes. gcd is a surprisingly difficult problem as there's no straightforward api for it
- fixed the vengeance module not grabbing the player's max health until a UNIT_MAXHEALTH event fired (caused #1.INF to display sometimes and bar to not function)

- set AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets to load after LibSharedMedia to fix an error some users were seeing in 1.7.1

- fixed an error some users were seeing on login that caused icehud to not load
- changed the pet health/mana bars to monitor the player whenever the player enters a vehicle since the player bars already change to display vehicle info in that situation
- added AceGUI-3.0-SharedMediaWidgets support to the font selection box and ToT bar texture selection
- fixed a bug causing bar font size adjustments to not take effect/display until a ui reload
- super temp hax to make the custom cd bar work with "Holy Word: Aspire"
- added description text to each custom module explaining what type of module it is. it was pretty difficult to figure out what kind of custom module you were looking at in the config after you created it
- various performance and memory optimizations
- eclipse bar now colors the numerical value to whatever direction the bar is heading
- added a 'vengeance' tracking module by user Rokiyo
- fixed the cast lag indicator being completely wrong when using a meeting stone to summon someone

- no changes in IceHUD; publishing an updated version to get a fixed LibDogTag-Unit-3.0 out there and stop the errors popping up about talents from other mods

- very minor performance gain by not doing the per-frame update on invisible modules
- nuked the primary offender of garbage generation. there is more to get rid of but finding it is a tedious process
- fixed error caused by disabling click targeting on the targethealth frame
- added option for non-dogtag users to hide each line of text on the TargetInfo module individually
- fixed totem module not resetting totems when going through a load screen (entering/leaving instance, etc.)
- fixed 'inverse' mode to work with potential SnD bar
- expanded range of class power counters (shards, holy power) by request
- fixed lacerate and sunder count modules to work with 3 max charges instead of 5 as per the new patch (these *really* need to go away and be auto-replaced by custom counters...)
- yet another fix for text sometimes displaying the unit name for PetHealth
- fixed how the 'second highest threat' bar is drawn so that it actually works with all textures

- quick update to correct any click-through problems for Clique users until the new version gets pushed

- made several changes to how mouse interaction works with various modules to support new Clique changes available in its latest alpha version. once a new release of Clique is made, then the Info modules not being click-through will be fixed if the user doesn't want mouse interaction to work there.
- removed HungerForBlood module as the ability has been removed from the game
- fixed "bar visible" checkbox to also hide/show the solar portion of the eclipse bar
- fixed lower text popping back up when it shouldn't

- fixed snd glyph detection on the SliceAndDice module due to new return value on GetGlyphSocketInfo
- fixed certain buff types not displaying a tooltip on mouseover in the info modules
- fixed ability to set 'max count' to 0 and screw up a custom counter
- fixed bar text not properly hiding on bars that use RegisterUnitWatch to control visibility
- fixed scaling to affect the text and icons again like it used to

- added pulsing to the shard counter and holy power modules whenever they are maxed out
- added option to use out-of-combat alpha on class power bars (holy power, shards) when targeting a friendly
- fixed icons on the target health bar not always hiding when they should
- potentially fixed reported error message though i've never seen it pop up myself
- fixed icons rotating with bars incorrectly when setting bar to be rotated 90 degrees
- fixed default rune frame showing up sometimes when the player has the "hide blizzard frame" option disabled in the runes module
- fixed default runes from being incorrect (showing 6 blood runes) after re-enabling them from the runes module while the game is running
- fixed configuration mode not working since v1.7.0.3

- fixed CC module spell id's by removing spells/effects that no longer exist, adding some new ones, and updating id's of ones that have changed
- attempt to fix ticket #81
- fixed text getting rotated along with bars when choosing the "rotate 90 degrees" option

- fixed Blizzard's default runes to be properly hidden if desired when the default player health frame is left enabled
- fixed gcd module to work for all classes without relying on specific spell ids

- fixed a few errors causing the holy power/shard modules to not show up and the IceHUD options screen to not display for Paladins or Warlocks

- fixed rotation of inverted bars to draw the bar correctly
- added ability for spell ids to be specified instead of names for custom bars and cooldown bars. when an id is typed it will attempt to resolve to the buff name
- fixed FocusHealth and custom health bars not disabling properly
- fixed /icehudcl to actually work again as a command-line interface to the options table
- changed all methods of opening the icehud config page into toggles (open the options page unless it's already open; if it's open, close it). this restores old behavior that was lost in the move to ace3
- removed the "abbreviate health" option from the focus health bar if the user is using dogtags since it doesn't apply then
- fixed the SnD potential bar to rotate properly with the main bar
- hid the "Low Threshold Color" option on custom bars and cooldown bars since the option doesn't apply to them
- updated the description of a few "low threshold" settings so they make more sense to users (don't reference variable names)
- fixed the "low threshold" flash to work properly on rotated bars
- fixed incoming heal bar to display properly on 4.0 clients
- added user-requested option to specify the space between each buff/debuff on the info modules
- now that Eclipse doesn't decay, use the appropriate alpha value regardless of whether or not the user has some power left over. it used to stay at the "in combat" setting until the bar was back at 0
- fixed a bug with "hidden" mode for inactive shards/runes where the unactivated runes would show up darkened when changing targets out of combat
- added new DHUD bar texture set and alternate elite/rare icons by request (ticket 80). the earliest place we found these textures was in the original DHUD which has no license at all, so it should be okay to use them. they are called DHUD in the mod, so it's clear that i'm not trying to pretend that we made them up or they are unique to IceHUD
- added the ability to further customize the shard and holy power modules by displaying all the existing custom counter textures in place of shards/holy runes and colorizing them based on how many are available
- added highlighting around buffs on the targetinfo module (and other *info modules) that are spellstealable if the player is a mage
- allowed pvp and party role icons to be offset more
- fixed a bug where cooldown timers wouldn't always reset when an ability was brought off cooldown early
- setup almost all text in the mod to support localization. only English is currently filled out, but all common languages are supported:
- added the ability to duplicate an existing custom bar
- setup the toc to properly strip out embeds.xml whenever it's building a no-lib version
- added support for automatically changing profiles when changing specs (LibDualSpec)

- added some more protection against people tweaking settings or changing profiles while in combat and added a warning message explaining that stuff could be broked if they manage to do it anyway
- fixed cooldown bars that are set to "when ready" to be properly hidden when the module is disabled or profiles are changed
- added calls to disable updates on custom modules as they are disabled so that they don't stick around on screen when they shouldn't
- minor fixes to enabling a module and how updates are handled that should allow custom modules to react appropriately when they are enabled while a player has the buff they're monitoring
- fix for custom modules generating a ton of errors if they're disabled while active (such as when changing profiles)
- added a tooltip to the LDB launcher
- set custom counters to display out of combat if they are not 0
- nuked the HungerForBlood module if the user is on a 4.0+ client since the ability is going away
- minor cleanup of the GCD module to make it (hopefully) more reliable
- doubled the maximum width of the rangecheck frame to ideally knock out the occasional complaint that certain fonts make the text spill onto a second line (never seen that myself)
- moved all "icons" settings from being under a header to being in their own group. this should unify the "icon settings" features of all modules
- added party role icon to TargetHealth module (and CustomHealth by virtue of inheritance)
- fixed the GCD to update its bar color as the user changes it instead of requiring re-enabling the module or reloading the ui
- clarified some tooltip text on the TargetInfo module's text blocks
- added DogTag support to the ToT module by request

- fixed the GCD module to be available in the module settings list again
- tweaked options visibility and made 'bg visible' work on the GCD module

- fixed a bug where the combat icon would get stuck if you went into combat when resting but had the resting icon display disabled
- made the combat icon replace the resting icon if you go into combat while resting and then switch back to the resting icon (if appropriate) when dropping combat
- changed all step = 10 to step = 1 on range options by request
- widened range of possible vertical offset values for the custom counter module by request
- removed the last remnants of Ace2 (AceOO-2.0 and AceLibrary) thanks to a huge amount of help with metatbles from ckknight
- fixed up several "hide blizzard frame" options to re-display when the module is disabled and to call blizzard's OnLoad for the frame instead of manually entering every event to re-register
- fixed "show incoming heals" option to be properly toggleable on 4.0 (bad conditional on the 'disabled' option)
- hid "cooldown mode" option on the totems module since there was never more than one choice
- re-added "enabled" checkbox in the settings to allow users to completely enable/disable the mod (this seems to have been something we got for free with one of the ace2 libraries and is no longer present after the move to ace3)
- registered callback for media updates from LibSharedMedia so that the mod's fonts/ToT bar texture can be refreshed if necessary

- should resolve issues that some users were seeing with their settings not being loaded properly
- minor optimization of frame rotation by un-registering the event listening for animation completion after it has done its job
- made GCD module animation smooth by utilizing the existing animation system instead of trying to run another repeating timer over the top
- hid the marker settings on the GCD and Eclipse modules as they don't make much sense to have there
- after renaming a custom module, set the mod to automatically select it in the options menu
- added support for defining markers on any bar (ticket 75)
- added rough implementation of horizontal bars by abusing some features of Blizzard's UI animation system. we'll see if there's any actual demand for this to determine if the feature needs to be improved at all (ticket 60)
- big giant options screen usability cleanup: colorized the FAQ and Module Settings description text to be more readable, removed custom coloring from certain options that didn't match the rest, hid a few debug-only settings, consolidated all the 'create custom module' buttons into a drop-down + create button, clarified description of some options so that their intent/purpose is more clear, moved around/cleaned up headers for consistency, doubled the width of long options so that they don't get cut off and ...'d

- removed Deformat as it's no longer necessary
- made all pop-up dialogs display on top of the options screen so that they're actually visible at lower resolutions
- made custom modules get auto-selected in the options screen after they're created
- added basic implementation of Eclipse bar for balance druids
- added shard bar inheriting from ClassPowerCounter. same basic functionality as the holy power module: graphical mode that shows the default shards and numeric mode that just displays a count of active shards
- replaced AceEvent-2.0 with AceEvent-3.0/AceTimer-3.0
- fixed reported taint issue from people joining or leaving a party in combat with the "hide blizzard party frames" option set on the PlayerHealth module
- updated all UnitPower* code to use the SPELL_POWER_* constants instead of hardcoding numbers...mostly just a readability change
- fixed a bug where custom counters were not getting reset on target change or player death. this could cause an issue where the counter would not update when it should
- potentially fix some text overflow issues that were reported with the range finder
- added LibDBIcon to bring back the minimap icon
- don't hide the Blizzard version of Holy Power by default since we're not hiding the Blizzard player frame by default

- removed FuBarPlugin-2.0 as it's no longer used
- added a bit more user friendliness to the new configuration page. efforts to increase awareness about how to setup the mod and get help are ongoing
- added a message to the PlayerInfo module when trying to dismiss a buff in cataclysm explaining that the API is currently protected and unable to fixed. this will be removed when Blizzard gives us a way to work around it
- added upgrade detection to alert users that their profile may need to be re-selected if the last version they ran was pre-ace3-conversion
- added an FAQ section to the /icehud configuration page so that users don't have to go to one of the addon hosting sites to get their questions answered

- added basic implementation of Holy Power for Cataclysm Paladins. has a graphical mode (basically matches Blizzard's built-in frame without the background) and numeric mode (which just displays the number of runes active as 0/1/2/3)
- updated UnitGroupRolesAssigned check for the new return value
- added proper color for player focus (cataclysm hunters) on the PlayerMana module
- minor documentation fix for the incoming heal notification on the player health bar to indicate that it requires either libhealcomm-4 or cataclysm to function
- embedded libdatabroker and removed old fubar code (use broker2fubar if you still want a fubar plugin)
- updated to use UnitGetIncomingHeals instead of LibHealComm when running cataclysm client. doesn't seem to work with HoTs at the moment, so that's something to keep an eye on as the beta progresses
- fixed DK Runes module 'alpha' mode from never coming back to the correct 'usable' alpha
- converted most of the mod to ace3. the only ace2 remaining is AceEvent-2 (probably easy to get away from) and AceOO-2 (not so easy)
- the ace3 conversion also broke the dependence on Waterfall and gave a much better configuration screen through AceConfigDialog; plus Waterfall is very broken in Cataclysm and it's unclear whether anyone will bother to fix it or not
- fixed a bug with the custom CD bar when changing profiles where it would generate endless errors until a reloadui
- removed DewDrop library as it was no longer in use
- removed an unused 'about' button on the config page and some empty headers...not sure why they were ever there
- simplified GCD module to pass the spell id when calling GetSpellCooldown; apparently this didn't work at some point in time but was fixed around 3.3.2ish and works in cata as well
- fixes for cataclysm: added UNIT_POWER/UNIT_MAXPOWER event registrations in place of all the old power types, fixed mirror bar, targetinfo, and targetoftarget SetScripts to pass 'this' and 'arg#' around where necessary
- forcibly set bar upper/lower text width to 0 after setting their contents so that they auto-resize to the proper width. some massive bar/font sizes were causing strings to get cut off

- added focustarget and pettarget as valid units to look for buffs/debuffs on with a custom bar
- made custom bars able to track auras (buffs with no end time like paladin auras, righteous fury, stealth, etc.)
- fixed a few taint issues in the ToTHealth
- fixed a few edge cases where custom cooldown bars would not display when the spell was ready and the bar was set to "when ready" mode. this could happen if the player ran out of mana then gained enough back to cast the spell or for ranged spells where the target moved in and out of range
- added generic custom health and mana bars so that users can monitor any unit they want complete with click-targeting/-casting
- added click-targeting to pet health module
- added optional scaling to spell icons on the cast bars, custom bars, and cooldown bars
- fixed bars disappearing when they were set to reverse and they filled up
- fixed an issue where deleting a custom cooldown bar while it was set to "always" display would cause it to get stuck on the screen until the next UI reload
- fixed an issue where right-clicking weapon buffs in the PlayerInfo module wasn't canceling weapon buffs
- fixed an issue where weapon buff cooldowns would flicker every second in PlayerInfo

- fixed a bug with custom cooldown bars that would cause the bar to flash during the GCD if a maximum duration was specified higher than the GCD time
- user-submitted patch for an 'invert' option in addition to the 'reverse' option for all bars. now 'reverse' controls bar movement direction while 'invert' controls bar fill behavior
- added option to hide TargetOfTarget modules if the player is the active target
- added individual checkboxes to show buffs/debuffs in any info module that derives from (or is) TargetInfo (which should be all of them)
- added user-submitted Role icon to the PlayerHealth bar for random dungeon groups (Thanks Grim Notepad!)
- fixed an issue where a disabled custom bar was always showing its icon as the default IceHUD icon and was not being properly hidden
- added a "second highest threat" overlay to the Threat module that shows where the next-closest person is on the threat bar (in terms of their raw threat value divided by yours) if you're the current tank.
- if "always display at full alpha" is checked for slice and dice bar, then don't let it hide itself

- fixed the slice'n'dice duration bar from not showing up when one of its alpha values is set to 0
- when a custom CD bar is set to "when ready" display mode, it will only display an empty bar. therefore, empty should behave like full for the purposes of alpha ooc/target/etc. settings
- fixed "when ready" option for the custom cooldown bar not working as intended (it was showing when ready OR cooling down)
- this should also remedy any issues that users are having since 3.3.5 if they do not have Ace2 installed as a separate library and are not using any other Ace2 mods that have updated since 3.3.5. there was an issue in one of the ace libraries with the 3.3.5 chat frame updates that broke Ace2

- added an option that allows a custom bar to track a substring or full name at the user's discretion. previously it was always a substring match. this was causing a custom bar for "trauma" to also trigger for "mind trauma", for example.
- fixed maximum duration configuration not working for cooldown bars
- fixed a bug where the player's icons (specifically seen with the party leader icon) would go full alpha when they first appeared instead of the proper alpha value
- changed DK GCD spell to death coil from plague strike

- fixed pet health to be colored properly whenever the "color bar by health %" option is checked
- split the buff/debuff filter into a buff filter and a debuff filter
- possibly fix weird issue where GetClassColor could be called with a function argument from somewhere...I can't reproduce the error, but several people have reported it, so this ought to fix it.
- fixed button mashing while casting channeled spells causing the cast bar to get cut off when it wasn't supposed to
- added an optional icon to the player and target casting bars that shows which spell is being casted/channeled. default is off
- fixed the cast lag indicator, the incoming heal indicator, and aggro pull indicator to draw on the proper area of the bar when the bar is set to reverse direction
- fixed the incoming heal bar being invisible sometimes (such as the bar alpha being 0 when OOC, >0 when not full, and the player being OOC with a non-full bar)

- user-submitted change care of JX: Added "Display when ready" option to Custom Cooldown bar to replace "Display when empty" toggle.
- added an optional icon to be displayed alongside a custom bar and cooldown bar that shows what spell the bar is tracking. default is off
- integrated a user-submitted cleanup of how we were managing bar texture clipping after 3.3.3's mess. this binds the texture to the frame and calls SetHeight on the frame instead of the texture as well as unifies the "reverse direction" behavior a bit
- added protection against giving a custom bar/cooldown/counter an empty name causing it to disappear from the options list
- added a feature to display a different cast bar color (red by default) if a target's spell is non-interruptible. took implementation from blizzard frames (including mid-cast event hook). enabled by default.
- made "Reverse direction" option be grayed out if the bar is disabled
- added "maximum duration" feature to cooldown bars by request
- added module to represent combo points in bar form by popular demand
- fixed the player's clickable area when using the ArcHUD texture to be on the outside edge of the bar instead of the inside

- fixed an issue with HiBar and GlowArc causing random textures to appear on the screen
- added user-submitted "max duration" functionality to custom bars such that they can always be a fixed time period
- fixed a couple of issues that could cause the SnD bar to display incorrectly
- fixed an issue causing a weird shadow to appear on the player health bar without LibCommHeal-4.0 installed
- made sure to set the default height on the slice'n'dice bar to 0 to make sure it doesn't go crazy
- fixed the 'bar visible' checkbox to work again

- fixed giant green bar that would appear for players who had "show incoming heals" disabled
- fixed sunder count module generating an error and not functioning

- fully fixed for WoW 3.3.3 (as far as we've tested). please submit all bug reports in this version on the comments page

PLEASE NOTE: this is a VERY temporary stop-gap solution to fix IceHUD for the short term. This updated forces ALL users to use the RivetBar texture as it's the only one that's currently functioning (since it's a vertical bar it's easy to fake). There WILL be another update once the mod is back in full working order, but everyone has been so generous and supportive so I wanted to get something out. Other changes included in this update are:

- hopefully fix a bug where the cast bar could sometimes try to access nil
- added user-submitted modifications to the threat bar so that mirror image and fade will display the threat the player will have when they wear off. this is largely untested by me
- added user-submitted "reverse direction" option that lets bars fill top to bottom instead of bottom to top
- added user-submitted horizontal position slider to lacerate count module
- added vertical offset option to the mirror bar handler
- close the config window if the user tries to open it when it's already open (
- added user-submitted PlayerCC and Target/PlayerInvuln classes
- added user-submitted root and silence groups to the CC modules
- filled out CC list a bit more with user-submitted spell id's
- (by: Phanx) Added support for CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS (ticket #26)

- updated interface version to 3.3
- added Entangling Roots and Intimidating Shout to the CC list
- replaced libhealcomm-3 support with libhealcomm-4 support

- updated the incoming heal bar to use the correct color
- fix for user-reported runes error
- the player's cast bar can now optionally change color whenever the target goes out of range. this is currently enabled by default
- added support for custom bars to track by substring instead of an exact match

- fixed user-submitted totem bug:
- changed the vertical position extents for TargetOfTarget to 600 instead of 300 by request
bug - added Hex to the CC list as an incapacitate effect
- fixed a custom bar bug for users with rock + fubar that tried to use the right-click cascading menu to configure things

- added PetInfo module
- fixed some vehicle issues in ulduar

- bumped TOC to 3.2

- fixed custom textures not applying to low threshold, cast lag indicator, aggro indicator, slice'n'dice duration preview, and incoming heal amounts
- Hopefully fixed issues with Party Frames being shown when Pitbull and other Unit Frame addons are present

- fixed custom bars throwing all sorts of errors when creating/changing profiles with them active
- fixed the pet/vehicle cast bar not being hidden when hiding the "blizzard cast bar" via the player cast module
- changed GetDifficultyColor to GetQuestDifficultyColor. looks like this function was deprecated a while ago, but was removed in 3.2
- fixed the "hide blizzard buff frame" checkbox not hiding temporary enchants (weapon buffs)
- Added an option to PlayerHealth, to disable party frame even when not in raid.
- added user-submitted totems module based on the runes module
- added a focus threat module by request
- increased maximum horizontal text offsets for all bars
- added 'force justify text' options to the player cast bar like most other bars already had
bug - added support to player health, mana, and cast bars to change which unit they are monitoring to be the vehicle when the player enters one
- made custom bars and counters not be case-sensitive in their spells-to-be-tracked
- Added option to activate both Alpha and Cooldown to DK runes

- includes newest version of LibDogTag to fix "double-free syndrome" error

- fixed alpha on the target cast bar when "ooc and not full" transparency is set to 0 and "ooc and target" is non-zero
- made tooltips on the custom bar/counter/cooldown bar more helpful
bug - re-converted ArcHUD textures to blp using a tool that produces more reliable results
bug - added an entry to the default interface/addon options panel which opens IceHUD's configuration
- added user-submitted custom cooldown tracker module. thanks regmellon!
- re-added missing FangRune bar texture from the selection list

- added buff timer configuration modes to the custom bar
- added a rough version of tracking weapon buffs to the player info module
- added a 'display when empty' option to the custom bar that will make it still draw even if the specified buff/debuff is not present
- removed some very old settings migration code that was causing problems for new users. this was added a very long time ago to facilitate the move from account-based settings to profile-based settings which should be completely unnecessary now
- added an option to allow modules to hide the animation options in the configuration panel
- made SnD hide the animation options so that people can't break the bar by enabling animation

- added ability to specify a different texture on individual bars than the global one chosen on the main bar configuration panel
- added more reminders that you have to press Enter after typing strings into various configuration panels before they will save
- added support for the PlayerInfo module to hide the default buff frame
- added support for mh/oh weapon enchants to the custom counter module
- added the ability to track mh/oh weapon buff durations with the custom bar
- if a module is set to always be at 100% alpha, make sure the internal 'alpha' variable is set to 1 or else any custom color's alpha will override it

- added a ToT cast bar (disabled by default)
- added a couple of reminders to press [enter] after typing into text boxes in the custom bar/counter configuration screens
- fixed a bug causing rune cooldowns to not reset when the player died/res'd if the module was in alpha mode
- fixed display of buffs on the player not cast by the player for custom bars

- NaN-safe'd IceHUD's Clamp function to finally put the kibosh on any SetTexCoord errors
- fix for a bug causing the runic power (and theoretically any other mana type) bar to sometimes not update if the player spent all of his remaining runic power/rage (or gained full mana/energy) at once
- added support for binding a custom bar/counter to a larger variety of units (pets, focus targets, etc.)

- fixed an issue with buff filtering not working properly for looking at buffs only cast by the player.
- added some nil checks to avoid a few rare "accessed nil" errors

- bumped TOC to mark compatibility with wow 3.1

- added a PlayerInfo module (off by default, user requested) that inherits from TargetInfo and adds right-click dismissing buffs functionality
- made custom bars/counters work with alpha settings properly
- made multiple custom bars work together nicely...bad programmer for making local properties instead of class properties

- created a custom bar that the user can create while running IceHUD that will track a given buff or debuff on the player or his target
- added CustomCount module that behaves like the custom bar, but lets the user create a custom counter (the same as the sunder/lacerate/maelstrom counters)
- fixed up the buff/debuff retrieval convenience functions to work off either texture name or buff name. also changed up how it picks whether or not to get only buffs from the player
- increased the min/max vertical offset for bars by request
- fixed a minor typo in the maelstrom counter options

- fixed a bug with text alpha being unchangeable with LibDogTag usage disabled
- added toggle to enable/disable showing incoming heals on the player's health bar. also cleaned up the implementation a bit to display more consistently and hide when appropriate
- added toggles to show/hide spell cast time and spell rank on player/target cast bars
bug - added su


Uploaded on
Oct 27, 2013
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  • 5.4.0
  • 5.3.0
  • 5.2.0
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