Change log

- added focustarget and pettarget as valid units to look for buffs/debuffs on with a custom bar
- made custom bars able to track auras (buffs with no end time like paladin auras, righteous fury, stealth, etc.)
- fixed a few taint issues in the ToTHealth
- fixed a few edge cases where custom cooldown bars would not display when the spell was ready and the bar was set to "when ready" mode. this could happen if the player ran out of mana then gained enough back to cast the spell or for ranged spells where the target moved in and out of range
- added generic custom health and mana bars so that users can monitor any unit they want complete with click-targeting/-casting
- added click-targeting to pet health module
- added optional scaling to spell icons on the cast bars, custom bars, and cooldown bars
- fixed bars disappearing when they were set to reverse and they filled up
- fixed an issue where deleting a custom cooldown bar while it was set to "always" display would cause it to get stuck on the screen until the next UI reload
- fixed an issue where right-clicking weapon buffs in the PlayerInfo module wasn't canceling weapon buffs
- fixed an issue where weapon buff cooldowns would flicker every second in PlayerInfo

- fixed a bug with custom cooldown bars that would cause the bar to flash during the GCD if a maximum duration was specified higher than the GCD time
- user-submitted patch for an 'invert' option in addition to the 'reverse' option for all bars. now 'reverse' controls bar movement direction while 'invert' controls bar fill behavior
- added option to hide TargetOfTarget modules if the player is the active target
- added individual checkboxes to show buffs/debuffs in any info module that derives from (or is) TargetInfo (which should be all of them)
- added user-submitted Role icon to the PlayerHealth bar for random dungeon groups (Thanks Grim Notepad!)
- fixed an issue where a disabled custom bar was always showing its icon as the default IceHUD icon and was not being properly hidden
- added a "second highest threat" overlay to the Threat module that shows where the next-closest person is on the threat bar (in terms of their raw threat value divided by yours) if you're the current tank.
- if "always display at full alpha" is checked for slice and dice bar, then don't let it hide itself

- fixed the slice'n'dice duration bar from not showing up when one of its alpha values is set to 0
- when a custom CD bar is set to "when ready" display mode, it will only display an empty bar. therefore, empty should behave like full for the purposes of alpha ooc/target/etc. settings
- fixed "when ready" option for the custom cooldown bar not working as intended (it was showing when ready OR cooling down)
- this should also remedy any issues that users are having since 3.3.5 if they do not have Ace2 installed as a separate library and are not using any other Ace2 mods that have updated since 3.3.5. there was an issue in one of the ace libraries with the 3.3.5 chat frame updates that broke Ace2

- added an option that allows a custom bar to track a substring or full name at the user's discretion. previously it was always a substring match. this was causing a custom bar for "trauma" to also trigger for "mind trauma", for example.
- fixed maximum duration configuration not working for cooldown bars
- fixed a bug where the player's icons (specifically seen with the party leader icon) would go full alpha when they first appeared instead of the proper alpha value
- changed DK GCD spell to death coil from plague strike

- fixed pet health to be colored properly whenever the "color bar by health %" option is checked
- split the buff/debuff filter into a buff filter and a debuff filter
- possibly fix weird issue where GetClassColor could be called with a function argument from somewhere...I can't reproduce the error, but several people have reported it, so this ought to fix it.
- fixed button mashing while casting channeled spells causing the cast bar to get cut off when it wasn't supposed to
- added an optional icon to the player and target casting bars that shows which spell is being casted/channeled. default is off
- fixed the cast lag indicator, the incoming heal indicator, and aggro pull indicator to draw on the proper area of the bar when the bar is set to reverse direction
- fixed the incoming heal bar being invisible sometimes (such as the bar alpha being 0 when OOC, >0 when not full, and the player being OOC with a non-full bar)

- user-submitted change care of JX: Added "Display when ready" option to Custom Cooldown bar to replace "Display when empty" toggle.
- added an optional icon to be displayed alongside a custom bar and cooldown bar that shows what spell the bar is tracking. default is off
- integrated a user-submitted cleanup of how we were managing bar texture clipping after 3.3.3's mess. this binds the texture to the frame and calls SetHeight on the frame instead of the texture as well as unifies the "reverse direction" behavior a bit
- added protection against giving a custom bar/cooldown/counter an empty name causing it to disappear from the options list
- added a feature to display a different cast bar color (red by default) if a target's spell is non-interruptible. took implementation from blizzard frames (including mid-cast event hook). enabled by default.
- made "Reverse direction" option be grayed out if the bar is disabled
- added "maximum duration" feature to cooldown bars by request
- added module to represent combo points in bar form by popular demand
- fixed the player's clickable area when using the ArcHUD texture to be on the outside edge of the bar instead of the inside

- fixed an issue with HiBar and GlowArc causing random textures to appear on the screen
- added user-submitted "max duration" functionality to custom bars such that they can always be a fixed time period
- fixed a couple of issues that could cause the SnD bar to display incorrectly
- fixed an issue causing a weird shadow to appear on the player health bar without LibCommHeal-4.0 installed
- made sure to set the default height on the slice'n'dice bar to 0 to make sure it doesn't go crazy
- fixed the 'bar visible' checkbox to work again

- fixed giant green bar that would appear for players who had "show incoming heals" disabled
- fixed sunder count module generating an error and not functioning

- fully fixed for WoW 3.3.3 (as far as we've tested). please submit all bug reports in this version on the comments page

PLEASE NOTE: this is a VERY temporary stop-gap solution to fix IceHUD for the short term. This updated forces ALL users to use the RivetBar texture as it's the only one that's currently functioning (since it's a vertical bar it's easy to fake). There WILL be another update once the mod is back in full working order, but everyone has been so generous and supportive so I wanted to get something out. Other changes included in this update are:

- hopefully fix a bug where the cast bar could sometimes try to access nil
- added user-submitted modifications to the threat bar so that mirror image and fade will display the threat the player will have when they wear off. this is largely untested by me
- added user-submitted "reverse direction" option that lets bars fill top to bottom instead of bottom to top
- added user-submitted horizontal position slider to lacerate count module
- added vertical offset option to the mirror bar handler
- close the config window if the user tries to open it when it's already open (
- added user-submitted PlayerCC and Target/PlayerInvuln classes
- added user-submitted root and silence groups to the CC modules
- filled out CC list a bit more with user-submitted spell id's
- (by: Phanx) Added support for CUSTOM_CLASS_COLORS (ticket #26)

- updated interface version to 3.3
- added Entangling Roots and Intimidating Shout to the CC list
- replaced libhealcomm-3 support with libhealcomm-4 support

- updated the incoming heal bar to use the correct color
- fix for user-reported runes error
- the player's cast bar can now optionally change color whenever the target goes out of range. this is currently enabled by default
- added support for custom bars to track by substring instead of an exact match

- fixed user-submitted totem bug:
- changed the vertical position extents for TargetOfTarget to 600 instead of 300 by request
bug - added Hex to the CC list as an incapacitate effect
- fixed a custom bar bug for users with rock + fubar that tried to use the right-click cascading menu to configure things

- added PetInfo module
- fixed some vehicle issues in ulduar

- bumped TOC to 3.2

- fixed custom textures not applying to low threshold, cast lag indicator, aggro indicator, slice'n'dice duration preview, and incoming heal amounts
- Hopefully fixed issues with Party Frames being shown when Pitbull and other Unit Frame addons are present

- fixed custom bars throwing all sorts of errors when creating/changing profiles with them active
- fixed the pet/vehicle cast bar not being hidden when hiding the "blizzard cast bar" via the player cast module
- changed GetDifficultyColor to GetQuestDifficultyColor. looks like this function was deprecated a while ago, but was removed in 3.2
- fixed the "hide blizzard buff frame" checkbox not hiding temporary enchants (weapon buffs)
- Added an option to PlayerHealth, to disable party frame even when not in raid.
- added user-submitted totems module based on the runes module
- added a focus threat module by request
- increased maximum horizontal text offsets for all bars
- added 'force justify text' options to the player cast bar like most other bars already had
bug - added support to player health, mana, and cast bars to change which unit they are monitoring to be the vehicle when the player enters one
- made custom bars and counters not be case-sensitive in their spells-to-be-tracked
- Added option to activate both Alpha and Cooldown to DK runes

- includes newest version of LibDogTag to fix "double-free syndrome" error

- fixed alpha on the target cast bar when "ooc and not full" transparency is set to 0 and "ooc and target" is non-zero
- made tooltips on the custom bar/counter/cooldown bar more helpful
bug - re-converted ArcHUD textures to blp using a tool that produces more reliable results
bug - added an entry to the default interface/addon options panel which opens IceHUD's configuration
- added user-submitted custom cooldown tracker module. thanks regmellon!
- re-added missing FangRune bar texture from the selection list

- added buff timer configuration modes to the custom bar
- added a rough version of tracking weapon buffs to the player info module
- added a 'display when empty' option to the custom bar that will make it still draw even if the specified buff/debuff is not present
- removed some very old settings migration code that was causing problems for new users. this was added a very long time ago to facilitate the move from account-based settings to profile-based settings which should be completely unnecessary now
- added an option to allow modules to hide the animation options in the configuration panel
- made SnD hide the animation options so that people can't break the bar by enabling animation

- added ability to specify a different texture on individual bars than the global one chosen on the main bar configuration panel
- added more reminders that you have to press Enter after typing strings into various configuration panels before they will save
- added support for the PlayerInfo module to hide the default buff frame
- added support for mh/oh weapon enchants to the custom counter module
- added the ability to track mh/oh weapon buff durations with the custom bar
- if a module is set to always be at 100% alpha, make sure the internal 'alpha' variable is set to 1 or else any custom color's alpha will override it

- added a ToT cast bar (disabled by default)
- added a couple of reminders to press [enter] after typing into text boxes in the custom bar/counter configuration screens
- fixed a bug causing rune cooldowns to not reset when the player died/res'd if the module was in alpha mode
- fixed display of buffs on the player not cast by the player for custom bars

- NaN-safe'd IceHUD's Clamp function to finally put the kibosh on any SetTexCoord errors
- fix for a bug causing the runic power (and theoretically any other mana type) bar to sometimes not update if the player spent all of his remaining runic power/rage (or gained full mana/energy) at once
- added support for binding a custom bar/counter to a larger variety of units (pets, focus targets, etc.)

- fixed an issue with buff filtering not working properly for looking at buffs only cast by the player.
- added some nil checks to avoid a few rare "accessed nil" errors

- bumped TOC to mark compatibility with wow 3.1

- added a PlayerInfo module (off by default, user requested) that inherits from TargetInfo and adds right-click dismissing buffs functionality
- made custom bars/counters work with alpha settings properly
- made multiple custom bars work together nicely...bad programmer for making local properties instead of class properties

- created a custom bar that the user can create while running IceHUD that will track a given buff or debuff on the player or his target
- added CustomCount module that behaves like the custom bar, but lets the user create a custom counter (the same as the sunder/lacerate/maelstrom counters)
- fixed up the buff/debuff retrieval convenience functions to work off either texture name or buff name. also changed up how it picks whether or not to get only buffs from the player
- increased the min/max vertical offset for bars by request
- fixed a minor typo in the maelstrom counter options

- fixed a bug with text alpha being unchangeable with LibDogTag usage disabled
- added toggle to enable/disable showing incoming heals on the player's health bar. also cleaned up the implementation a bit to display more consistently and hide when appropriate
- added toggles to show/hide spell cast time and spell rank on player/target cast bars
bug - added support for LibHealComm by request. not included with the mod, but listed as an opt dep
- added LDB support by request/from user-submitted code. this basically will only work if a mod that loads before icehud has LDB included
- fixed HfB buff % (from 3 to 5) and added a version check so that it's correct whenever 3.1 comes out as well (goes to 1 charge of 15% instead of 3 charges of 5% each)
- updated AceAddon-2.0 so that the donation frame is gone

- fixed divide-by-zero causing a crash on the PTR (this *really* shouldn't cause a crash since it's UI script, but it would appear that the engine is not check for div-by-0 on the PTR. this could potentially happen in a lot of other places...)
- fixed bug - added user-submitted ability to color a bar based on the low threshold. if it's above the threshold, the bar is max health/mana color, below the threshold is min health/mana color
- added a toggle to allow specifying whether or not to flash a bar when it falls below the low threshold
- fixed bug - changed to using RegisterUnitWatch on the focus module
- added a configurable RunicPower color to the player, target, and tot mana bars
- made runic power behave like energy and rage for the "low threshold" flashing behavior
- properly set flash frame bar width
- fixed a castbar bug with channeled spells

- made the cast bar lag use the bar texture instead of the background texture. works much better to color on top of
- fix for a bug involving an error message when targeting certain players
- added user-requested toggle to color the TargetHealth bar by hostility if the target is an NPC and the bar is set to use class coloring (instead of health % coloring)
- cleaned up the options and options dependencies a bit in the target health module

- fixed a bug introduced in 1.4 that was causing taint in the target health module
- added a fourth line of text (empty by default) by request to the TargetInfo module
- fix for HfB text staying on the screen after the buff has timed out (Thanks Tunde!)

- set HfB bar to be always visible (even with 0 duration) because secure/clickable frames cannot be dynamically shown or hidden during combat unless they're directly tied to a unit's targeted status
- cleaned up "allow click casting" option to properly disable itself without having to reload the ui
- re-added click-targeting on the target health bar (optionally). this time using RegisterUnitWatch so that it shows and hides properly even in combat
- made the threat module use raw threat percentages by default so that its display matches Omen's.
- added an option to the threat module to display the scaled percent (the old method) instead of raw. this will cause it to disagree with Omen, but it's displaying the same information, only in a different way
- fixed range check module to work with dogtags disabled
- separated alpha settings for "OOC and target" and "OOC and not full"; existing user settings are preserved (target gets copied to the new Not Full setting) the first time this version (or later) of the addon is loaded by a user with existing settings
- added settings to allow greater customization of buff/debuff frames in the TargetInfo module (grow direction, anchor points, offsets)
- unified icon configurations for the target health bar (pvp, raid, classification) and prettied up the options a bit
- added graphical gap settings to combo points, lacerate/sunder/malestrom count, and runes modules
- "Reset" configuration now works properly (
- changed default GCD spell for rogues to be sin strike instead of cheap shot
- fixed a potential nil access if some other mod has redefined RAID_CLASS_COLORS like a naughty little addon
- clarified some settings text a smidge
- added Shockwave to the CC list
- added mage Deep Freeze to the CC modules
- vehicle fixes! vehicles now regenerate mana/energy properly instead of relying on events to fire (which seem to be too slow)
- pet bar is now properly colored for all types of vehicles (was sometimes failing previously for vehicles with energy)

- added separate configuration for the "resting" and "combat" portions of the player status icon
- prettified/organized some configuration screens
- made sure that "lower text" and "upper text" configuration options are not present if a given module cannot use dogtags
- fixed a bug that caused the /icehud slash command to not work when the addon was disabled (and therefore be unable to re-enable it). ouch!
- fixed an error when adjusting the status icon's position while it's not visible on the screen

- fixed TargetTargetMana bar to be able to use its own colors instead of inheriting what TargetMana was set to
- fixed buff/debuff filter in the TargetInfo module to properly filter on hostile units as well as friendlies. not sure why this was setup to ignore the filter for hostiles in the first place, but it was just creating confusion
- fixed a bug in the HfB module causing all sorts of havoc to be wreaked when trying to activate animation on the bar
- added black background to TargetOfTarget bar for readability
- made ToT text vertical align to CENTER instead of TOP so that it scales appropriately
- made ToT bar color always green so that names aren't covered up when they match the reaction color
- made ToT name/health percentage color always white instead of the reaction color for visibility reasons
- added pvp indicator to TargetHealth/TargetTargetHealth bars
- moved some icons into their own Icon Settings group for the TargetHealth/TargetTargetHealth bars configuration
- fixed localization problem with clicking HfB bar to cast HfB (untested, submitted by module author)

- removed the rogue-/druid-only restriction on the ComboPoints module since the Malygos fight needs combo points on the drakes
- fixed : target name in the TargetInfo module no longer spills to the next line or gets cut off if it's too long
- made the threat module only display while the player is in combat or the player has some threat on his target
- added an option to only display the threat module while in a group. set by default
- adding HungerForBlood user-submitted module. I don't have an assassination rogue and don't plan on having one, so this is _untested_ by me. the author is responsible for fixing bugs in it
- also updated a few settings in SliceAndDice to conform with the rest of the mod
- fix for malygos fight where the player uses combo points while in a vehicle
- made runes flash when they become active whether the cooldown or alpha setting is being used
- added proper support for profiles instead of storing everything in account-wide un-customizable settings
- added FuBar support

- by popular demand, added an option to allow Rune cooldowns to be displayed in either the new cooldown wipe or the old simple alpha fade

- added the ability for runes to draw vertically stacked. new configuration option to choose horizontal/vertical alignment
- added a cooldown wipe to Runes with a "shine" when the cooldown is over (cooldown currently displays in a square instead of adhering to the circular icon...working on that)
- added the ability for elements to boost the alpha value a bit. runes were way too dark previously
- changed default for rune module to not be locked at 100% alpha
- fixed a potential nil access problem in the CastBar
- fixed a bug causing TargetInfo lines to be forced to contain data. now any of the lines can be empty if the user chooses

- fixed a bug with PlayerMana disabling OnUpdate code for warriors and DK's when their bar was full instead of when it is empty
- fixed a bug with DK runes appearing to be available as soon as a fight was done instead of when they actually became available again
- various other DK rune fixes to prepare for wotlk's release

- fixes a bug causing the player's mana bar to sometimes not display full when it should. this typically only happened when a potion, mana gem, spell, etc. took the player to his max mana as opposed to gaining it through normal regen

- added a global toggle for DogTags so they can be enabled or disabled for the mod
- added an optional rare/elite/rare-elite indicator to the target health bar (off by default)
- made configuration mode show target raid icons (and the new elite indicator as well)
- fixed a bug in the TargetInfo module that cropped up in 3.0 when LibDogTag is not present causing the module to not display
- fixed a bug with showing the "spellcast failed" flash on the player's castbar if the player tried to activate a trinket/cast another spell while casting a different one
- performance optimization: only run the OnUpdate code for the player mana bar when the player's power is not full
- performance optimization: never run the every-frame OnUpdate for TargetMana or DruidMana bars since we don't need quite that level of granularity

- added an option to force text justification on all bars
- set focus cast default scale to match focus health/mana
- set default sides and offsets on all bars to avoid them overlapping each other (fixes mirror/threat overlap and a few others)
- made "configuration mode" display the name of the bar underneath it. causes things to get a bit crowded-looking, but helps distinguish bars a little better
- fixed a bug that happened in the PlayerMana bar after disabling the predictedPower cvar without reloading the UI

- fixed debuffs appearing as "own buff size" when they shouldn't have
- made alpha settings properly affect non-bar elements (range finder, targetinfo, combo points, etc.)
- made "config mode" only show bars that are currently enabled
- made combo points module show 5 combo points while in config mode (and 5 applications of sunder/lacerate/maelstrom for those modules)
- added horizontal offset to combo points module
- added ability make combo points add vertically instead of horizontally (if in graphical mode)
- gave the player castbar a name in IceHUD's class instance. thanks greywithana
- fixed a problem with the target/focus CC bars not updating properly since the 3.0 patch
- changed the default for catching mouse clicks on the player health frame to false. it was causing too much confusion
- added an option to hide the new blizzard focus frame in the focus health module
- added an option to make the focus health module clickable to target your focus
- fixed a bug in player health's targeting where the clickable area was in the wrong spot when the bar was flipped to the right side
- added an option to only show the CC bars if the current CC was cast by the player
- fixed a small 3.0 bug in sunder & lacerate modules for determining if the buff/debuff belonged to the player or not
- added a MaelstromCount module that tracks the number of Maelstrom Weapon buffs for Shaman
- set lacerate default vertical position such that it is out of the way of the combo points module instead of on top of it
- fixed a bug where "graphical glow" and "graphical clean" presets did not work on lacerate and sunder count modules

- changed the defaults for hiding the blizzard frame on the player and target health frames (now leaves the blizzard frames on by default)
- fixed a potential nil access in the cast bar
- fixed "own buff size" to work properly for buffs you cast on targets instead of buffs they cast on themselves
- fixed an error when selecting the ArcHUD preset
- set the config to refresh itself when a new preset is selected so that the config screen is updated
- added an option to only show the target mana/power bar if the target uses mana (by request)
- increased vertical offset range by request
- fixed Slice And Dice module for new Imp SnD talent values as well as the new SnD glyph

- fixed a bug causing the mod to not load at all...(LibSharedMedia got borked in the last packaged release)

- added user-submitted ArcHUD-like textures and preset
- modified cast lag and threat pull indicators to use a custom color instead of being an alpha'd version of the background
- fixed a bug where runic power would use the "not full" aggro setting when it was empty (it should behave like rage and treat "not full" as empty)

- interface version up to 3.0! hooray new stuff.
- made the threat module wow 3.0-compatible (these changes do not branch based on interface version due to the removal of lots of libs...there's no goin' back now!)
- fixed text display on threat module to actually show threat % as intended
- added a few more user-submitted bar textures (no presets with these since they're just textures and not entire layout changes)
- removed LibDruidMana and fixed up DruidMana module to work with the new UnitPower API
- fixed a bug causing the mirror bar to not obey "offset" setting
- made the mirror bar's text stop bouncing up and down based on its offset setting. now will always remain in the same place (since there are vertical/horizontal adjustment sliders for this text already)

- added bar/background graphical blend mode options so we can have us some snazzier artses
- added 3 new user-submitted bar textures (GlowArc, CleanCurves, and BloodGlaives) and 2 new user-submitted combo/sunder/lacerate count textures (Glow and CleanCurves)
- fixed a bug that caused mana frames to stop updating properly in wotlk under certain conditions
- widened the maximum gap once again to 700 by request (from 500)
- made aggro alpha setting on the threat bar actually work

v1.3.1: (minor fixes)
- made lag indicator on the player's cast bar respect the bar width setting
- made castbar text respect alpha settings

- officially tagged v1.3 version, considered a "release" version as opposed to the recent wotlk betas (this version does work with both wotlk and live realms)
- added a new Threat module that works off the Threat-2.0 library (does not currently function in wotlk due to threat-2.0 not being updated for wotlk) (implementation and fixes taken from another user's now-defunct threat addon and acapela's threat-2.0 fixes from that mod's comments page)
- added Target of Target health and mana bars (off by default) (idea "stolen" with permission from Dark Imakuni)
- added a range finder (off by default)
- made the Runes module able to be moved horizontally and set the default to be properly centered
- increased the maximum "gap" setting by request
- general cleanup, removing unused libs, etc.
- added a few new user-submitted textures for the bars and combo/sunder/lacerate count modules
- added an option to disable click-targeting on the player health bar when in combat (set by default)

Wrath beta v9:
- added horizontal positioning option to the ToT module by request
- added an option to disable click-targeting while in combat by request
- added 3 new user-submitted bar presets/skins (thanks KcuhC!)
- fixed TargetOfTarget module's error message as of wotlk beta 8962
- added support for new combo point, sunder/lacerate count textures
- added a new round combo point texture (user-submitted)
- fixed a bug in the slice and dice module that caused it to stay visible for much longer than it should have under certain circumstances
- added user-requested per-bar vertical offsets and setup pet and focus bars to fit within the vertical center of the hud
- added user-requested feature to resize TargetOfTarget module so it doesn't have to fit to the hud's gap setting
- fixed own buffs/debuffs in the TargetInfo module overlapping the icons next to them

Wrath beta v8:
- (wotlk) fixed cooldown display on buffs/debuffs in the TargetInfo module

Wrath beta v7:
Wrath-related fixes:
- updated for beta build 8820. IceHUD will start up correctly once again
- updated SunderCount/LacerateCount modules to use the new UnitDebuff return values in wotlk properly/register the changed wotlk events
- updated SliceAndDice module to use the new UnitBuff return values in wotlk properly/register the changed wotlk events/new combo point parameters
- updated DruidMana module to update every frame in wotlk since the other mana frames need to...this still needs dogtag to be updated to work fully in wotlk
- updated ComboPoints module to use the new combo point functionality and events in wotlk

Non-wrath-related fixes:
- updated SliceAndDice module to be more efficient outside of combat (avoids unnecessary OnUpdate stuff)

Wrath beta v6:
Wrath-related fixes:
- removed UNIT_RUNIC_POWER hack in player & target mana modules since blizzard seems to have fixed the bug in the latest beta build
- fixed bug with runes module where the last rune would never show as being used
- added hax to the runes module to swap placement of frost and unholy runes since blizzard has had their hack in for 2 builds now
- now fully compatible with blizzard's "predicted power" system to constantly show energy/mana gains instead of ticking them

Non-wrath-related fixes:
- only show Lacerates if they were applied to the target by the player (not by other players); had problems with bear tank + feral dps in the same group
- increasing higher vertical positioning from 200 to 300 for the runes module by request
- added user-submitted FocusCast module

Wrath beta v5:
- updated to use the new rune graphics
- frost and unholy are in their old locations still in this module...we'll see if Blizzard leaves their rune swap hack in before changing it

Wrath beta v4:
- Fixed a bug that caused a lua error every time the player mounted as a DK (why the crap does the non-existent rune 7 and 8 get updated whenever the player mounts??)
- Worked around a Blizzard bug introduced by the new system that allows the player to see his power (mana/energy/runic power) updating in "real-time" (they call it predicted power). The events for mana/runic power/energy/etc. regen are no longer being fired and the client uses a more cpu-expensive method of updating the available amount of power. Mimicked this new method (which the default UI uses) in IceHUD.

Wrath beta v3:
- Updated Ace2 libraries to work with the latest beta build. No other changes in IceHUD functionality.

Wrath beta v2:
-Added a Runes module (similar to combo points/sunder count) for DK's. This is a first rev and will probably go through some fine-tuning to make it prettier...though I kinda like it as is
-Added a few DK CC frost spells to the CC modules

Wrath beta (fixed):
-Fixed an error in the GCD module in the wow version check

Wrath beta:
-Added DK-specific runic power updates to the player and target mana bars
-Fixed the return values of UnitBuff to work with 3.0
-Added DK starter spell to the GCD module
-No rune module available yet, but coming soon
-This version is backward compatible with older wow clients (such as the current live version) and will require "load out of date addons" to be checked if used in Wrath

- removed LibGratuity-2.0 (or GratuityLib, whichever you wanna call it) since only the DruidMana module used it and even then only if the user didn't have LibDruidMana installed. now LibDruidMana is required instead of falling back to Gratuity...the Gratuity method was broken for powershifting anyway
- fixed GCD module to work in all localizations
- fixed CC bars to work for any loc by using GetSpellInfo along with a list of spell ID's for each CC spell it supports (thanks to Arrowmaster/#wowace for the help!)
- moved CallbackHandler into the externals instead of embedding it directly into the mod. LSM-3.0 won't load cleanly without it
- removed LibMobHealth from the externals list and the embeds xml
- added LibDogTag-Unit to the optional deps list
- fixed text display for non-dogtag strings
- switched from LibSharedMedia-2 to LibSharedMedia-3
- fixed GCD for non-rogues/cat form druids (user-submitted)
- added user-submitted LacerateCount module; works like SunderCount for warriors or ComboPoints for rogues
- added focus health and mana bars. disabled by default
- TargetInfo: added optional sizing for (de)buffs i cast versus other players
- added Shackle Undead to the CC bar's list of CC's
- SnD: added text readout of potential snd time next to current snd buff time
- SnD: added configurable color for snd potential bar
- SnD: fix equip locs for non-english clients
- SnD: optionally show a shadow of the duration bar as you build combo points. this shadow will show how long your snd will last if you hit it right then
- SnD: now works for non-english clients
- SnD: added a toggleable option to make the bar show as a percentage of the maximum attainable slice and dice time (with set bonuses and talents accounted for) instead of going from full to empty no matter the duration
- fixed a rare error that could occur when bars appeared or disappeared
- widen the minimum width for the TargetInfo module to account for long NPC names
- added width scaling to individual bars
- allow horizontal positioning of the TargetInfo module
- fixing a bug where Banish wasn't triggering the CC bar
- changed DruidMana module to use LibDruidMana/DogTag for simplicity/compatibility purposes (fixed a bug with powershifting not updating the mana amount)
- fixed a bug with the low health flashing frame if alphas are set to 0
- updated the TargetInfo default dogtag by request
- adding 4 new modules care of Antumbra of Lothar server. Huge thanks to him for writing these! They are:
- FocusCC - tracks a list of CC spells on the focus target
- GlobalCoolDown - shows when the global cooldown is active
- SliceAndDice - a counter/tracker for rogue slice'n'dice buff
- TargetCC - tracks a list of CC spells on the current target
- added a configuration mode to show all bars temporarily so they can be placed
- changed how frames are shown and hidden so we don't call show/hide unnecessarily
- widened the min/max offset numbers to allow greater placement flexibility
- performance improvement: only call SetTexCoord if the coords need to actually change this frame. brings cpu cost from 1% per bar to 0.5% per bar. WIP
- fixed error message displayed when enabling the mirror bar
- updated targetinfo dogtag to display the word "Combat" when in combat instead of "True"
- updated to support LibDogTag-3.0
- on first run, forced reset all custom DogTags to the module default since some of the old default tags no longer work

- updated TOC for WoW 2.4

- fixed castbar "lock text alpha" setting
- added LibMobHealth-4.0 to externals/embeds so people without other ace mods get estimated health values properly
- added an option to allow shortening health values or not (1100 => 1.1k) for non-dogtag people
- made default dogtag for fractional health into CurHP:Round/MaxHP:Round since FractionalHP liked to show decimals and wouldn't :Round
- expanded raid icon placement ranges to allow more flexibility
- fixed bar transparency when going in and out of combat
- fixed a bug where the resting icon would stay on way too long (nasty typo bug...)
- added icon to config for purtiness
- made player icons and raid icons fade according to bar visibility and added a config option to make them always locked to 100%
- added party leader, status, master looter, and pvp icons to the player health bar

- made the player health bar (configurably) clickable for targeting/click-casting/menus
- added DogTag fields to the TargetInfo module
- added a configurable raid icon on the target health bar
- added a SunderCount module to count sunder applications on a target for warriors
- added a requested option to hide bars or their backgrounds
- made bars animate their gained/lost amounts
- fixed alpha fading of dogtag texts under the health and power bars
- optimized dogtag usage on all bars
- made icehud configuration show up in RockConfig
- added an intermediate color for health and mana fading so it turns yellow in the middle instead of a gross brown
- various other tweaks and fixes

- added vertical/horizontal text offset options to the castbar
- add an option to the player cast bar to show the default cast bar or not


Uploaded on
Jul 27, 2010
Game version
  • 3.3.5
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