30 - Chain Heal/Wild Growth Functionality

What version of the product are you using?
--the current version

What I'd love to see:
--As a shaman and Druid who is tasked with raid healing, I do the vast majority of my role via the spells Chain Heal and Wild Growth. When I open your Debug option, I see these marvelous lines connecting dots and bubbles.

 I was thinking...what if your addon could color the dots of people who are within 12.5 yards (the jump distance of chain heal) of each other. Or maybe just within 12.5 yards of my target? This way, I could easily see who is within range of my chain heal and where the best placement of my spell will go?

Also, for Wild growth: I'd love to be able to see your bubbles around all my party and raid members, all the time. It would let me know who is within 15 yards of the target of my Wild Growth, and would be eligible to receive the HoT

This being said, how come there is no option to enable the HudMap bubbles during party play, and set their radius of effect? Or even let us place our own bubbles when we use abilities like Death and Decay, working off our coordinates? How about letting us keep a bubble around ourselves with abilities we frequently use, like Blood Boil? The possibilities, like Power Aura, are endless:
Death Knight: Blood Boil (Death and Decay would be lovely, too)
Druid: Wild Growth, (Hurricane?)
Hunter: Disenage distance (Volley, Frost Trap)
Mage: Frost Nova/Arcane Explosion (Living Bomb, Blizzard)
Pally: Divine Storm, Consecrate (FoL splash?)
Priest: Holy Nova/Mass Dispel
Rogue: Fan of Knives Radius
Shaman: Chain Heal...yeah, that's about it for them...
Warlock: Warlocky stuff
Warrior: Demo Shout radius, Shockwave Cone?
--These are just examples, and not a fully inclusive list.
I'd love to see the player control so prominently displayed in addons like AVR (not the johnson-drawing part) and PowerAuras surge up in this addon as well!

Thanks so much for your time, and you've developed my favorite addon to date! I love this!

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johnhamsta Jun 05, 2010 at 05:43 UTC Create

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Jun 05, 2010
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