29 - HudMap feature ideas

it would be nice if HudMap would highlight the player who will be receiving Lich King's Defile during the lich king encounter icc10/25.  also I dont know if HudMap can detect which way things are facing (specifically NPCs,) but a nice /flex of this addons capabilites might include showing festergut's spray cone-of-effect, as well as the lines of fire from the trashmobs that make the ice lance things that spike up through the ground (the stuff before Marrowgar.)  Maybe even the Typical Dragon Encounter zones.  

I noticed that during the Festergut encounter an arrow will occasionally draw towards the Big Ooze, even for players that don't have the debuff that will spawn a small ooze (bug?)  If that functionality is in place, it should also be possible to show people with Paralytic Poison (TOC10/25) where the Burning Bile guys are.  Might be a little too much hand-holding though.

other than that this addon freaking rules, I marvel at how easy it makes things like Bloodbolt Whirl, Shock Vortex, Ooze Explosion etc.

(I havent checked for myself, but does HudMap draw circles for warrior SkillStorm(tm) or the 8yd effect for Wandering Plague?  that might be way too much though)

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DMDrew812 Jun 05, 2010 at 01:34 UTC Create

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