21 - Important functionality (to my guild) for HUDMAP

What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?

First, let me thank you for making this add-on, i have yet to use it (I'm at work), but based on the videos I'll probably like it more than AVR for myself.  

We have a problem in our guilds 25 man runs, and that's marking where to stand.   Obviously this is something that's AVR can do better as actually standing on the raid icon that is hanging above your head is easier than moving your icon on the hud to raid marking, however, that's going to go away.   Blizzard currently allows for smoke flares and lock portals which we do use often,but they have a limited lifespan which tends to be shorter than the encounter, and with their limited range sometimes have to be dropped after the boss is pulled.

It would be absolutely AWESOME if you would allow for a pre-made overlay as AVR did.   This functionality has allowed our guild to work on the actual encounter in 25 man rather being praying that the few people who cant visualize where to stand don't get the frost tombs.

I would suggest that the overlay work like AVR's in that you get to pick what raid rank (or perhaps what toon name) you accept these from. to prevent random obscenities, you may even wish to go so far as making  you click accept to accept it.    Also, If you can make the overlay only show up in the area that  it was written for that would be even better as one wouldn't have to enable and disable them. depending on the boss.

Please provide any additional information below.

Other functionality that we'll be losing but greatly appreciate is the ability for Vamp-Arrow to draw a line from you to your target (I'd think this could easily be adapted to hudmap).  and the ability for mini-map pings to show up on the map.   With this functionality it would be great if you could add something entirely new to hudmap, and give us the ability to click an icon then click on the hudmap and have the ping work as if we clicked the mini-map.  With the mini-map so small the pings are very inaccurate,

Another option for the overlay, would be an out of combat white board.   This would probably be very helpful for when a raid leader wants to diagram a new strategy and have people see what he's writing.  Something like this would be pretty annoying during an encounter, but if the "whiteboard", unlike an overlay that is always visible,  only showed up out of combat, it shouldn't be an issue.  Again i woudl suggest some security for this like AVR does with the overlays where you only accept updates from someone that you pre-selected, or a raid leader.

If you would like me to alpha test any of these features, get more info, or simply tell me that I'm a jerk pelase feel free to send me a private message

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  • Avatar of TheBard84 TheBard84 Jun 16, 2010 at 04:39 UTC - 0 likes

    I second this, but I'd put more emphasis on the drawing part since it would be useful to explain or show things on the fly (something along the lines of Savage 2 map drawing)

    Also, at least as an option, I'd put a default "accept from everyone in party/raid" like a shared whiteboard (In my guild we're mostly friends/coworkers/friend of friends so the risk of random dickbutts is low, and it would be handy not to have to configure it everytime)

  • Avatar of Antiarc Antiarc Jun 03, 2010 at 22:55 UTC - 0 likes

    This sort of functionality is definitely planned, but is a few versions down the road. I want to make sure the more basic stuff all works right first. :)



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