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HealInc example

HealInc is a heals-in-progress monitor. It is made to reduce overhealing on a target. It shows the cast bar of all healers currently casting a heal on your target. It recolours the bar red, orange or green if the casted heal is going to overheal or not.

Note. The library uses LibHealComm-3.0 for its communication. While your average raid healer will probably have this installed a version checker is included.

Also included is a resurrection monitor. Very much alike to SmartRes (credit to myrroddin for the basic idea). This uses LibResComm-1.0 for its communication, making it compatible with Ora2.

Addon is up to date with modern standards. LDB launcher, Ace3 and SharedMedia.


Type /healinc for options. Or use the launcher. From there you can lock or unlock the bars. Set the texture and scale.

To test the addon. Target yourself and cast a heal on yourself. You should see a bar.

A red bar indicated the heal is completely going to overheal. Red means 90% overhealing. And green means only 25% overhealing. Orange is in between that.

Resurrection monitor

A red bar means someone else is already resurrecting and will been finished earlier. An orange bar means that that the target is already ressed and has a accept resurrection box up.


Date created
May 03, 2009
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Oct 01, 2009
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