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UI in development HazLoot takes the pain out of master looting raid instances. <span style="color:#ff0000">HazLoot is in alpha - use at your own risk. The core functionality is present with no UI to speak of.</span> HazLoot:
  • Randomly and evenly master loots items rarer than a "soft" threshold to raid members
    Seraphim likes to spread the greens and blues out evenly, so that everyone gets one before anyone gets two. With HazLoot, that's automatic, fast and reliable. The Master Looter opens a corpse, and the green or blue gets sent on its way. (Default "soft" threshold is Uncommon, and should match the Master Looter threshold. Master Looter should also be on. No checks in place for either, yet.) Recipes and quest items are considered "hard" loot all the time.
  • Announces drops and their raid role classes
    We also classify all the Naxx-25 loot into roles: Healer, Tank, Caster DPS and Physical DPS. If a raider's role matches the piece, they must suicide to get it. If nobody wants to suicide, it goes to off-spec rolls. HazLoot announces the classification of each piece, in the order it will be distributed. (Tier, Trinkets/Rings/Necks, Weapons etc., Plate, Mail, Leather, Cloth). The order is deterministic, so if you close and re-open a corpse, it will remain consistent.
  • Automates Suicide Kings bids and off-spec rolls for items rare than a "hard" threshold
    HazLoot is built around the idea of a loot distribution "strategy" that is structured in three phases: auction, roll, dust. Currently the only implementation is a Suicide Kings auction, followed by off-spec rolls and the dusting phase isn't implemented yet. The SK List is maintained by a subsystem that maintains a master list, a "present" list, and reports the winner from a set of candidates. HazLoot drops the winner when loot is awarded, with a confirmation step in between (which is a relic of when it wasn't so reliable!)
  • Announces phat new lewts to Guild chat
    This is working: when you give loot to someone, it gets announced. (TODO: check for the recipient's membership in the same guild as Master Looter, and only announce if so.)
See the Basic Usage page for how to actually use HazLoot. Known Issues Persistence of the SK List. The SK list is loaded from bootstrap each time: it's not persisting at all. The logic all works, so <span style="color:#0c0;font:fixed">/hl winner fubar diehard galderan</span> will return the current highest bidder, and <span style="color:#0c0;font:fixed">/hl confirm galderan</span> followed by <span style="color:#0c0;font:fixed">/hl award</span> will send the current item to Galderan and drop him in the SK List, but next time you reload WoW, he'll be back in his old position. Keep your current SK system going in parallel for the time being! Closing corpses mid-bid. I've had a problem with this in a live raid, but couldn't replicate the problem in tests, which means the tests are probably insufficient. Mocking WoW is... challenging. OTOH, I've refactored a lot of the auction/roll/award logic substantially since then, so this may be gone. If you find evidence of this, please let me by filing a ticket here. Coming Soon... not necessarily in this order SK Snapshots and replay The auction system needs to be able to take a snapshot at the start of a session, record all drops, and replay events later. We currently identify wait listed raiders as present if they're around (on vent, an alt, whatever - ready to step in) for the majority of the raid. HSK doesn't handle that right now, and snapshot/reset/amend/replay seem like the right way to go. Interactive whispers Longer term, I want a client mode (or client mod) that talks to HazLoot and pops up a little window for them. This would be a first step: making the SK list and current loot item available to a whispered query. UI I want the master looter to get a UI parallel to the loot window that looks something like: <span style="white-space:pre;font-family:monospace">Order Current Link | [open] [offspec] [confirm] 1 ICON1 [x] | [lastcall] [lastcall] [award] [dust] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 ICON2 [x] | Current Winner: name1 3 ICON3 [x] | Suicide Bids: name2 name1 name3 4 ICON4 [x] | Offspec Rolls: -- (red if matching item roll)</span> I also want to provide an independent SK list manager - actually each auction strategy should have its own (optional) display mode that interacts with it appropriately - that shows the suicide list, who's present, how many drops they've got, and whether they've moved in some easy-to-read-at-a-glance way. Unfortunately, I know jack about WoW UI programming... so this may take a while. Duster and Banker Raids should be able to set two roles - one for disenchanting, one for guild banking (they may be the same). Unclaimed BoP drops go to the Duster, unclaimed BoE drops go to the Banker.

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  • Avatar of MightyHaz MightyHaz Jan 14, 2009 at 22:37 UTC - 0 likes
    @astalavista: As it stands, that's pretty much what happens. In fact you can currently uncheck "SuicideKings" in the /hl options screen, and it will in effect do just that. I've just finished documenting the current state of the (stable-ish) alpha in a usage page, so check it out, and see if it does what you want.
  • Avatar of astalavista astalavista Jan 14, 2009 at 20:04 UTC - 0 likes

    This sounds very interesting. Would it be possible to only use the green/blue loot distribution and handle anything above the hard threshhold without the addon?



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