Proof of concept for a minigame for healing classes which is played on Grid unit frames. Simulates incoming damage on units in Grid which can be healed with "real" spells. Healed HP gives points, the right heal at the right time gives bonus points. If a unit dies from simulated damage the game is over. If combat starts the game is over. If someone in the raid takes real damage the game is over.

Things I want to do with this game:

  • simulate incoming damage by a combination from certain realistic damage patterns (like aoe, tank and spank, tank lost aggro, etc)
  • different game modes:
    • until someone dies
    • unitil tank dies
    • against the clock
    • against increasing incoming damage
    • etc
  • simulate simple aggro (just because the aggro indicator is one of the most important healing tools)
  • make the same game replayable to improve score or correct errors
  • let the same game be played by another healer to compare scores
  • multiplayer: play with other healers the same game together against each other (seperate scores) or together (combined score)
  • indoctrinate people with the false impression that healing is a game where only the owns score counts, every healer plays alone against all the other healers and get hated by every real healer :D

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Date created
Oct 21, 2010
Last updated
Oct 21, 2010