341 - Show AoE heals only on in range targets

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Group with 5+ people.
2. Set Prayer of Healing in the AoE heals dropdown to Radius=30, Min Players=3, and Health Deficit=0
3. Have 3 people in the same group go out of range of the priest, but still in range of each other.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
The icon should only show solutions for people in range of the priest. If those 3 people go out of range, it should not display them as the only solution in that group. Or for another scenario:

The group has 3 melee players, 1 ranged, and the priest healer. The 3 melee are out of range of the priest, but in range of the ranged person. The priest is in range of the ranged player. It should display the icon on the ranged player.

The fight that this was most noticed on was Ji-Kun, where different players are flying to the nests. It would display the out of range players as being solutions, when I really could care less because they're out of range.

What Grid2 version and language of WoW are you using?
Grid2 vr714

Do you have an error log of what happened?

Please provide any additional information below.
I have a fraps recording of our Heroic Ji-Kun kill from yesterday. This was the first time using Grid2 in a raid. If you so desire, you can watch the icon in the video instead of running LFR or your own raid to test this. It's also possible I set something up wrong. I haven't tried the "Display all Solutions" option, but that sounds to me like it will have an icon on every frame most of the time, which is not ideal.

My Prayer of Healing icon is located on "icon-right".

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    Additionally, I would like to add; I love this addon. I've been using Grid for many many years, and decided to try out this Grid2 business. So far it's far superior to Grid. I offer this suggestion to possibly better the addon and have no other issues so far.

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