Accept Title Accept Gimps

Add Add/Update

Added %s gimps added, and %s modified

Add Gimp Added %s of %s <%s> Note: %s.

e.g. Added Dkkillzor of Tichondrius, a Gimp: Constant Ganker.

Add To Gimps Add to Gimps


battleground desc Mutes party join alerts in Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp, may mean you miss people in VoA

battleground text Silence in battlegrounds

Browser Title Gimp Browser


Change From Changed %s <%s> of %s: %s.

e.g. Changed Arathor of Tichondrius the Buffoon: Keeps Disconnecting

Change To To %s <%s> of %s: %s.

e.g.:  To Arthas <Idiot> of Stormrage: Stands in fire

chat desc Show the chat titles

chatmenu desc Allow right clicking frames and Chat names to add gimps.

chatmenu text Add from unitframe menus?

chat text Enable titles in chat

Clear Session

Confirm Delete To confirm mass deletions, please repeat


Delete All Deleting all gimps from all realms

Delete All Button Delete All

Delete Realm Deleting all gimps from realm: %s

Delete Realm Button Delete This Realm

Duplicate THIS NAME ALREADY EXISTS AS... <%s> Note: %s

THIS NAME ALREADY EXISTS AS... <GIMP> Note: Always blames lag


Edit Realm Edit Realm:

Fix Title Somehow %s did not have a title, I have reset this to a %s.


This is the default title

Gimp Detected %s <%s> joined the group: %s.

e.g. Gimp detected: Killacozza. Nerd Rage

Gimp Joined A Gimp has joined the group, check chat window for details

Gimp name

GUID Changed %s, may not be the same person that you originally tagged. Consider deleting them from the Gimplist

GUID Name Changed It looks like %s has changed their name to %s.

Incoming Incoming Gimps, accept?

Input Name

Input Note

Input Title

Left Click LEFT Click to open Gimp Browser

Message Received Message received from %s

minimap desc Show the minimap Icon