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Key: OceanSapphire
English: Ocean Sapphire
GemHelper_Localize → Gem
Current Russian: Морской сапфир
Translated by tiker Jan 09, 2013
Key: Of
English:  of 
Player name OF Realm name
GemHelper_Localize → String
Current Russian:  из 
Translated by tiker Nov 20, 2011
Key: OpenJC
English: Open / Close the original JC tradeskill window.
GemHelper_Localize → String
Current Russian: Открыть / закрыть стандартное окно ЮВ.
Translated by tiker Dec 08, 2011
English: Orgrimmar
GemHelper_Localize → Zone - Zone and subzone translations
Current Russian: Оргриммар
Translated by tiker Jan 27, 2012
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