Tutorial / GDKPd 101: A step-by-step guide so you know what to expect.

You're aspiring to lead your own GDKP raid? Great! You're considering using GDKPd? I'm honored. Now, raid leading is serious business, and I wouldn't want you to just sit there after the first boss dies wondering what to do. Thus, here's a quick guide to what you will have to do during the raid in order to have your raid proceed without issues.

Note: GDKPd only requires two players in a raid group in order to work. You can get a friend (or a trial account - that's how I made these screenshots) to sit in raid while you clear a low level instance. That way, you can play around with GDKPd to your heart's content before things get serious!

1. You need to be in a raid group in order for GDKPd to work. The looting system should be set to "Master Looter"image 1 and you need Loot Master privileges. If the GDKPd status windowimage 2 is visible, that means everything is in working order.

Once a boss dies and you loot it, the GDKPd status window will change, displaying additional buttonsimage 3. To start the auction process, click the "Announce & auto-auction" button.

GDKPd will announce all dropped items and also start the auction process for the first item (assuming "allow multiple simultanous auctions" is not checked). As you can see in image #4, all items are displayed to GDKPd users, with the first one being currently auctioned (indicated by the countdown timer). After the auction for the first item finishes, the second one will start automatically until no items remain. Image #5 displays how the bid process looks to players not using GDKPd.

Once you finish raiding, you can use the "Distribute" button to split gold equally among all players in the raidimage 6. The Balance window will display the amount of gold for every raid member and update as you trade the shares.

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Date created
Dec 04, 2012
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Dec 04, 2012