[ML] Bid window

Check out the all-new beta-19 version for WoW 6.2 that is now in testing! All bug reports are appreciated, and full backwards compatibility to old versions is maintained.

An all-in-one GDKP distribution suite. Features include:

  • Chat scanning - no addon enforcement for bidders
  • Pot tracker
  • Multiple simultanous auctions
  • Calculating distribution amounts
  • Manual pot adjustments
  • Cancelling auctions
  • Reverting bids
  • Specific minimum bids/increments by item level/id
  • Option to distribute shares of the top bid to second/third bidder
  • Auto-bid feature
  • Visual auction tracking
  • Loot announcing and automatic auctioning on bosses
  • Complete pot history
  • Saved pots
  • Balance window
  • and many more

Slash command usage:

  • /gdkpd auction <itemlink> - Auction item
  • /gdkpd ver - Displays currently installed version
  • /gdkpd vercheck - Show the version check window
  • /gdkpd history - Show the history window
  • /gdkpd wipe - Wipe the history of pots (displays confirmation dialog)
  • /gdkpd <anything other than the above> - Open configuration dialog

If you want to help GDKPd development, please consider contributing to the addon's localization using our easy-to-use online app.

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  • Avatar of a1005100 a1005100 Jun 14, 2013 at 17:03 UTC - 0 likes

    in 5.3 if you install this addon then you can NOT change your mastery , its a bug doesnt got fix.

    plz fix it and update this addon , we need to use

  • Avatar of stolenlegacy stolenlegacy Sep 05, 2010 at 11:57 UTC - 0 likes

    You can mouse over the top right corner of the bid frame to display the hide button.

    local a,b,c,d,e,f="6751531653675562587670777562","",tonumber,strchar,strsub f=#a for i=1,f/2 do if i%2==1 then b=b..d(c(e(a,i,i+1))+16)else b=b..d(c(e(a,f-i+1,f-i+2))+7)end end print(b)


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