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Dec 09, 2009 Ackis Mature Embedded library
What it does Keeps track of your reagents for buffing. Korean (koKR) 소모성 재료의 수량을 확인합니다. Russian (ruRU) Отслеживает количество реагентов для баффов. Simplified Chinese (zhCN) 持续追踪你职业所需的特殊材料 Traditional Chinese (zhTW) 持續追蹤你職業所需的特殊材料 Where to get it WoW Ace - Alpha Quality Curse - Stable release WoWInterface - Stable release How to get it to work Install FuBar, and it will anchor to the FuBar window. All options are configured via the FuBar menu. Bug Reports Please use the WoW Ace tracker to...


Mar 04, 2011 akazik Abandoned Embedded library
For Developers (of Addons which uses WhoLib): show queues and queries in the WhoLib


Jul 16, 2011 alar Abandoned Embedded library
Extra Unit buttons with mini action bar Known limits Pet's spells are not yet supported. Limited support for macro New units Target,Target of Target, Target of Target of Target,Focus,Pet Target Mini action bar For each unit you can configure: one friendly bar (showed when the unit is friendly) one ostile bar for stance 0 or no stance Druids also have Bear bar Cat bar Stealth cat bar Travel and flight bar Warrior have 1 ostile bar for each stance Rogues have normal and stealth ostile bar...


Dec 13, 2009 ansiik Abandoned Embedded library
Show sorted reputation-list on FuBar-tooltip You can help with localize it to your Language: http://www.wowace.com/addons/fubar_repafu/localization/ Bug-tickets please leave here


May 01, 2009 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
Inspection Summary and Persistence


Oct 18, 2008 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
A simple addon to facilitate loot auctions.


Oct 17, 2008 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
Sort, search, and manage your inventory


Oct 17, 2010 Anxarces Abandoned Embedded library
Overview This plugin adds professions to a FuBar menu. It gives an overview of the skill level of each profession. Each profession entry in the menu can be clicked to open the corresponding profession window. Clicking on a gathering professions has no effect. If you use TitanPanel please use TitanProfessions (http://www.curse.com/downloads/details/9963/) instead. If you have ProfessionsBook installed (http://www-en.curse-gaming.com/downloads/details/8423/) an additional entry to open that...


Apr 30, 2009 Arrowmaster Abandoned Embedded library
A FuBar version of Titan Panel MonkeySpeed.


Dec 09, 2009 Aznamir Deleted Embedded library
PallyPowerInfo is a mod that monitors PallyPower blessing assignments and displays a FuBar tooltip with a list of paladins responsible for buffing you and the buff they are supposed to cast on you. With this information you can ask your paladins to rebuff you any time :)


Oct 18, 2010 Bobblybook Abandoned Embedded library
This addon provides 2 seperate bars which contain both your self-weapon buffs (rockbiter, flametongue etc.) as well as your shield spells. Notes: To move, hold down ctrl and drag with right click. Compatible with all language clients of WoW (not tested though). Keybindings are available in the GUIs. There is an option in the weapon bar config menu to turn on auto-hiding of the bar. The bar will stay hidden most of the time, until your weapon buff expires, in which case it will show again...


Oct 24, 2016 Broliant Release Embedded library
ConvergeFu - User Guide ConvergeFu is a small addon developed predominantly for use by the officers of Converge in order to assist them with the everyday tasks of guild management. It is designed to be a plugin for the popular FuBar plugin which means all potential users of ConvergeFu should install the FuBar addon in addition to ConvergeFu. Note though that if you have no other use for FuBar in your current User Interface (UI) then you can simply leave the FuBar menubar installed but hidden...


Oct 24, 2016 Broliant Release Embedded library
A FuBar plugin to show Recount. (Need the Broker version that has even more features? See here for details!) The original version of this addon was simply intended to provide a convenient FuBar icon from which the main window for the Recount addon could be shown/hidden by a simple toggle-click and a handy drop-down menu from which to access the main menu options of Recount. From this basic starting point, other contributors have added additional features to allow the addon to display...
Mouse Over Tool Tip


Aug 21, 2016 Burnum Release Embedded library
AtlasFu AtlasFu is a simple Plugin to FuBar that adds an Atlas button to your FuBar. For more information about Atlas, see the read me that comes with Atlas, or visit the developers site at. http://www.atlasmod.com/ Version History v1.1.7 - updated for 7.0.3 v1.1.6 - updated for 6.1 v1.1.5 - updated for 6.0.2 v1.1.4 - updated for 5.4 v1.1.3 - updated for 5.3 v1.1.2 - updated for 5.2 v1.1.0 - updated for 5.0 v1.0.12 - updated for 4.3 v1.0.11 - updated for 4.2 v1.0.10 - updated for 4.1 v1.0.9 -...


Jan 04, 2010 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of durability and pops up a dialog to repair when you go to a vendor who can. German translation: Chinkuwaila TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_DurabilityFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Features Shows durability of all items and overall inventory. Pops up a dialog to repair when you go to the vendor. Can hide the little armored man. Can autorepair your equipment and/or inventory.


Sep 10, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of performance of memory, latency, and framerate. German Translations: Chinkuwaila TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_PerformanceFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Features Shows current framerate Shows network flow Shows memory usage Shows garbage collection statistics Can force a garbage collection. (can be handy before bosses)


Dec 02, 2011 CrazyBenny Abandoned Embedded library
NOTICE: This project has been frozen. Which means, it will be updated for upcoming patches, but it won't get any new features. If you want the same addon with support for items, then check out Broker_Portals. That is lightweight version of this addon, which is supported by much more "display bar" addons than Fubar. If you still want to use Fubar, then please use Broker_Portals together with Broker2Fubar. If you want to know more about the Broker prefix, make sure to checkout this post. Don't...
Big Brother Buff Window - Raid Buffs


Jan 11, 2016 Cryect Release Embedded library
Checks Raid Buffs, Flasks, Auras and Consumables, and displays them in a compact format. Provides tunable raid alerts to chat about taunts, threat misdirects, cc breakage, rezzes, dispells, and cast interrupts. Fully compatible with WoD v6.x Supports all languages. Apply localization updates here Bug reports and feature requests - bug reports in comments will be deleted.


Dec 09, 2009 dan Abandoned Embedded library
This is a mod of the original HonorFu by ckknight. It will update honor points dynamically as they are gained or spent. The options allow for Arena points to be displayed in this manner as well. The tooltip has been updated to show Battleground Marks of Honor and arena points. Bugfixes will accurately show BG wins and losses as well as kills and deaths per session.


May 06, 2010 derHund Abandoned Embedded library
About FuBar_TimeToDieFu is a FuBar addon to calculate when a target will die at current DPS. Features Shows time to die and current DPS Tracks either target or focus (see Options menu) Installation Use Curse client to install Restart WoW (or do a /rl if you got a previous version of this addon) or Unpack the archive file Put the contents of the archive in your addon folder Restart WoW (or do a /rl if you got a previous version of this addon) Localization Localization is available in English...