Reverse relationships




Jun 23, 2009 Pericles Abandoned Embedded library
EasyDKP is an in game DKP management system, for a simple queue system DKP. So you can view and manage your EQDKP in game. A simple queue works as follows : Players earn DKP however you choose to do it. As an example : items cost their itemLevel so when an item drops the player that gets it is charged its itemLevel and the other players earn that number of points shared out - eg: Naxx 10 epic is iLvl 200, with 10 players in raid they earn 20 points each - 200/10 = 20. Loot is offered to the...


Jun 15, 2009 grennon Abandoned Embedded library
AutoCompletes Scryer/Aldor, BC, ZG Coin, PVP, Felwood, Northrend, and other quests. Dailies, Repeatable Quests, etc.


Jun 09, 2009 Xinhuan Abandoned Embedded library
Adds BankItems to FuBar that summarises details of characters on the same realm. Requires FuBar and BankItems.


Jun 04, 2009 Pericles Abandoned Embedded library
EPGP looting system has a frame that you can open and see the status of the recurring award, eg: amount and how long left. This addon implements that data as a simple FuBar plugin so that you can see the data at a glance on your task bar.
Short mode in bar


May 28, 2009 joequincy Abandoned Embedded library
Displays who is talking in Voice Chat programs (such as Ventrilo or Teamspeak). Usage: Right-click on the FuBar plugin (or Minimap Icon) and hover over "Press to Talk Key". In the textbox that appears, enter the key you use for Push-To-Talk in your voice chat program. Mouse buttons look like: BUTTON4 = Mouse Button 4 Modifiers look like: CTRL-` = Control + Grave ( ` ) Single keys look like: G = g Alternately, you can set this in the default Key Bindings panel from the game Menu. The binding...


May 20, 2009 reubenhelms Abandoned Embedded library
LastPlayedFu will display the time in day, hours and seconds since you last played an alt. ------ Good news, limited followers of LastPlayedFu. The maintainer of RestFu has integrated Last Played functionality into RestFu! So v1.4.4 will be the last release of LastPlayedFu, and will be pulled from CurseForge when the WoW 3.2 is released. I strongly recommend you get RestFu 1.3.1+ for your last played functionality, as this is where it is best displayed. - RJH 24-May-2009 ------ Originally, I...


May 19, 2009 shieldb Abandoned Embedded library
Mob Respawn Timers


May 02, 2009 Xivyr Abandoned Embedded library
Keep track of your Inscription mats via FuBar. If you wish to assist in translating this addon into another locale, please email me at lywell AT gmail DOT com for further instructions. You will be credited with the final result. Changelog v1.11 - TOC bump for 3.1. v1.1 - Added translations for deDE and ruRU locales. v1.0 - Added tracking for uncommon pigments. v0.5b - Added tracking for common pigments. - Plugin is now clickable to open Inscription window. v0.4b - Added ability to collapse...


May 01, 2009 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
Inspection Summary and Persistence


Apr 30, 2009 Arrowmaster Abandoned Embedded library
A FuBar version of Titan Panel MonkeySpeed.


Apr 22, 2009 neuron2 Abandoned Embedded library
Questing minion --- August 20, 2009: I have started the tear-down/rebuild of this addon and will keep this description updated as I go. My path will be: 1) DONE - Thanks Fyrye. Update the libraries so we can get it working without yelling at you, albeit with a bit of tweaking 2) Update the code to work with the new questlog api 3) Recode and reduction of external library dependancy


Apr 14, 2009 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your reagents using PeriodicTable sets.


Mar 12, 2009 simlan Abandoned Embedded library
ActionCombat shows animated icons for specific in-combat events. Note: You have to enable Blizzards combat text (but you can disable all text events). Description: A set of important self buff events (like "Nightfall" for Warlocks) and reactive abilities (like "Execute" for Warriors) are displayed as animations to be more prominent. User defined self-buffs can be added in addition to the set of defaults. You can hide the Bizzard error frame to prevent messages like "You have no target"....


Jan 28, 2009 exor674 Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your epics (and other qualities).


Jan 25, 2009 sllcdovtlh Abandoned Embedded library
This addon displays the time until the next Wintergrasp battle in FuBar. The time can be updated from three sources: In the Wintergrasp zone, the countdown is set from the countdown there. If you talk to the NPC by the portal in Dalaran, the countdown is set from the time given. If some guildmember who is running this addon does the above, the countdown is sent to all guild members with the addon. If the addon does not know the time of the next battle but knows the start time for one of the...
Standard Tooltip


Dec 26, 2008 kbranch Abandoned Embedded library
GearDPS adds a DPS value to item tooltips based on weight given to each stat. Basically, the higher the number, the better that piece of gear is for pure DPS. Note that by default this doesn't take survivability into account, it's just for sheer DPS. Custom weights can be given to all stats, including stam, spirit, and MP5. Any user specified weights will override the ones used by GearDPS. GearDPS now supports all classes/specs. This was made possible because I scrapped the whole idea of...


Dec 18, 2008 Kirkburn Deleted Embedded library
CLEARFONT, FIGHTING THE FUZZ SINCE 1845! If you find the standard fonts boring, hard to read, or, like me, you merely despise it, CF is for you! ClearFont will replace your World of Warcraft fonts with something rather better... BACKGROUND I chose these typefaces as they are all clear and modern, yet retain aesthetic beauty. I am proud to say CF is also very effective at helping those with impaired eyesight enjoy World of Warcraft. ClearFont is rated 4.65 on WorldofWar.net, with well over...


Dec 07, 2008 Uruloke Abandoned Embedded library
Combat HUD based on NurfedHUD This addon is no longer in development and has been replaced by ArcHUD3.


Dec 06, 2008 Pericles Abandoned Embedded library
Fubar addin for Inventory On Par Equipment Scoring System

Dailies Quest Tracker

Nov 28, 2008 Fritos Abandoned Embedded library
This is a FuBar/Ace2 Dailies Quest Tracker Addon, that will keep track of the dailies that you have done for the day. If you opt out having FuBar it'll attach itself to the Mini-Map. All libraries are included. * You can track multiple toons (Horde/Alliance) on a realm to keep track of dailies done on all of them. * You can display your daily counts through the FuBar icon or text counts. * Checks your professions and will show dailies that only you can do. * Filter out groups you have no...