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Apr 08, 2010 gnarfoz Abandoned Embedded library
This is just a simple FuBar plugin that duplicates the functionality of the ItemRack minimap button, i.e. switching sets quickly right from your FuBar. It will also change its icon and text according to the current set. Also allows you to toggle: Showing your helm Showing your cloak ItemRack events The ItemRack minimap button Designed to work with ItemRack 2.2 and newer. Rewritten to reduce cruft and fix some issues that arose from the ongoing process of keeping alive versions based on...
Demo debug


Mar 30, 2010 Smuggles Abandoned Embedded library
Not gonna work on this any more since i am planning to convert this to LDB base, if by any chance some1 wants to continue this project, pls pm me. Used to visualize and change values of variables/variable-trees in game Mainly ment for developers who want to watch the current values of all variables in game in realtime, you can also edit values to see what happens to your addon. Functionality Description : Fubar_Button : Normal Click - Refreshes the variable that is presently debugged Shift...


Mar 29, 2010 Smuggles Abandoned Embedded library
Not developing this addon any more for the time being, if some1 wants to take over they are welcome to do so, i will only continue to support the LDB version. Simple Fubar addon that shows if autoselfcast is on or off and lets you toggle it with a click. Is now LDB compatible if you use FuBar2Broker Is now AddonLoader compatible - loaded delayed Also auto switches self cast status for you on certain events, like grouping, raiding etc. Can add more options if you have suggestions which ones...
Main tooltip


Mar 29, 2010 Smuggles Abandoned Embedded library
Since Fubar is no more and Fubar2Broker isnt a permanent solution i completely ported it to LDB, the addon is here : http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/broker_addon_ctrl.aspx, so with that change i stopped this project. if any1 wants to take over feel free to pm me. Is now LDB compatible if you use FuBar2Broker Is now AddonLoader compatible - loaded delayed Lets you enable disable addons in game without logging out. Lets you quick reload the UI. You are able to save addon sets...
SmartRes Test Bars


Mar 27, 2010 myrroddin Abandoned Embedded library
This addon is abandoned. Please switch to SmartRes2 SmartRes2 link
Main Page


Mar 04, 2010 Smuggles Abandoned Embedded library
Not gonna work on this any more since i am planning to convert this to LDB base, if by any chance some1 wants to continue this project, pls pm me. This addon gives you the possibility to monitor your pots and also your herbs and other ingreedients along with it, it also calculatates how many pots you can make from the reagents you have on all chars and you can browse the data and find where those reagents are located. For this addon to work at full capacity it needs to have at least Bagnon /...

FuBar - GroupFu

Feb 19, 2010 MarkParish Abandoned Embedded library
GroupFu is a FuBar plugin that adds group management functions, loot method detection, and roll management. Clicking on the panel icon will cause it to roll, shift-clicking will clear the last roll, and ctrl-clicking will cause it output the winner to chosen output channel. It will normally show the group looting type unless there is a roll in progress. After a roll is performed, it can announce the winner to any channel, or just locally to you. People can write 'pass' to pass on the roll....


Feb 08, 2010 Shamino Abandoned Embedded library
Important Notes since Patch 2.0.1 With the creation of filtering options in the default crafting frame, if changed from 'All Slots', will interfer with EnchantingSeller. Therefore, if you install EnchantingSeller, those options will be removed from the default Enchanting Frame. About EnchantingSell EnchantingSell is an Ace2 version of EnchantingSeller (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/enchanting-seller.aspx), a modified version of EnchantSell. Features - List of all the...
AddonSpamFU_Release 1.0.3


Jan 19, 2010 yoshimo Abandoned Embedded library
AddonSpamFu is an Addon for monitoring the addoncommunication channels for guild, raid, group, bg &whisper. Poorly written Addons often send too much unneeded messages over the wire. AddonSpamFU helps you to find , which addons produce the most traffic and what kind of information they send. When an Addon doesn't use its original name as a prefix, like many Ace-Comm-2.0 Addons do, ASFU trys to print the addonname instead of a cryptic prefix. This only works if the Prefix<-> Addonname...


Jan 04, 2010 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of durability and pops up a dialog to repair when you go to a vendor who can. German translation: Chinkuwaila TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_DurabilityFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Features Shows durability of all items and overall inventory. Pops up a dialog to repair when you go to the vendor. Can hide the little armored man. Can autorepair your equipment and/or inventory.


Dec 22, 2009 phyber Abandoned Embedded library
Toggles player names.


Dec 13, 2009 Sutorix Deleted Embedded library
Show the FishingBuddy menu in FuBar.


Dec 13, 2009 ansiik Abandoned Embedded library
Show sorted reputation-list on FuBar-tooltip You can help with localize it to your Language: http://www.wowace.com/addons/fubar_repafu/localization/ Bug-tickets please leave here


Dec 09, 2009 dan Abandoned Embedded library
This is a mod of the original HonorFu by ckknight. It will update honor points dynamically as they are gained or spent. The options allow for Arena points to be displayed in this manner as well. The tooltip has been updated to show Battleground Marks of Honor and arena points. Bugfixes will accurately show BG wins and losses as well as kills and deaths per session.
FuBar ReagentFu


Dec 09, 2009 Ackis Mature Embedded library
What it does Keeps track of your reagents for buffing. Korean (koKR) 소모성 재료의 수량을 확인합니다. Russian (ruRU) Отслеживает количество реагентов для баффов. Simplified Chinese (zhCN) 持续追踪你职业所需的特殊材料 Traditional Chinese (zhTW) 持續追蹤你職業所需的特殊材料 Where to get it WoW Ace - Alpha Quality Curse - Stable release WoWInterface - Stable release How to get it to work Install FuBar, and it will anchor to the FuBar window. All options are configured via the FuBar menu. Bug Reports Please use the WoW Ace tracker to...


Dec 09, 2009 vaeyl Abandoned Embedded library
As of Patch 4.1, this addon is no longer working or neccessary. Fubar Plugin for Simple Soulstone


Dec 09, 2009 Aznamir Deleted Embedded library
PallyPowerInfo is a mod that monitors PallyPower blessing assignments and displays a FuBar tooltip with a list of paladins responsible for buffing you and the buff they are supposed to cast on you. With this information you can ask your paladins to rebuff you any time :)


Sep 10, 2009 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of performance of memory, latency, and framerate. German Translations: Chinkuwaila TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_PerformanceFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Features Shows current framerate Shows network flow Shows memory usage Shows garbage collection statistics Can force a garbage collection. (can be handy before bosses)


Aug 13, 2009 digmouse Abandoned Embedded library
Shows Status Bars that you can drag around and group up for your cooldowns, including abilities, items and your pet abilities. digmouse's note: I've been fan of CDT2 for years and already doing localization work for it since early BC. Speedy and sorren AFW, and I've done some maintainance for it when 2.4 hits. 3.0 and LK goes live and I played a while without it but actually found nothing better than it... even CDT3 which I took some part in its early days. So I tried, and it works. Thank god...


Jul 09, 2009 tomsommer Abandoned Embedded library
Shows how long you've been in combat