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Sigmundo's Answering Machine

Aug 08, 2011 tanis2000 Abandoned Embedded library
This is a simple addon that works like an Answering Machine. When enabled, it keeps track of whispers you receive and stores them in a local database. You can then review them at a later time. It does not matter if you logout because all messages will be saved and you will be able to see them at any time until you decide to delete them.


Oct 18, 2010 Bobblybook Abandoned Embedded library
This addon provides 2 seperate bars which contain both your self-weapon buffs (rockbiter, flametongue etc.) as well as your shield spells. Notes: To move, hold down ctrl and drag with right click. Compatible with all language clients of WoW (not tested though). Keybindings are available in the GUIs. There is an option in the weapon bar config menu to turn on auto-hiding of the bar. The bar will stay hidden most of the time, until your weapon buff expires, in which case it will show again...
SmartRes Test Bars


Mar 27, 2010 myrroddin Abandoned Embedded library
This addon is abandoned. Please switch to SmartRes2 SmartRes2 link


Dec 09, 2009 vaeyl Abandoned Embedded library
As of Patch 4.1, this addon is no longer working or neccessary. Fubar Plugin for Simple Soulstone


May 01, 2009 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
Inspection Summary and Persistence


Oct 17, 2008 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
Sort, search, and manage your inventory
Scorchio! Test Bars


Oct 16, 2008 ennuilg Abandoned Embedded library
Scorchio! has been superseded by Scorchio! 2 http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/scorchio2.aspx Scorchio! has been discontinued. Please install Scorchio! 2.


Oct 15, 2008 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Gnomes wearing spy outfits can find out many things. The SpyGnome is lurking just behind you, in the shadows. He has no new information for you at this time.// Until you install it! Features SpyGnome uses AceComm-2.0 and LibRockComm-1.0 to query the addon versions of the people in your group. It can query the versions of any addon you have installed, so you can see at a glance who is running a raid status addon, boss mod addon or anything else. Please note that it only works if the other...
  • 8 reverse relationships found