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Aug 13, 2009 digmouse Abandoned Embedded library
Shows Status Bars that you can drag around and group up for your cooldowns, including abilities, items and your pet abilities. digmouse's note: I've been fan of CDT2 for years and already doing localization work for it since early BC. Speedy and sorren AFW, and I've done some maintainance for it when 2.4 hits. 3.0 and LK goes live and I played a while without it but actually found nothing better than it... even CDT3 which I took some part in its early days. So I tried, and it works. Thank god...


Dec 18, 2008 Kirkburn Deleted Embedded library
CLEARFONT, FIGHTING THE FUZZ SINCE 1845! If you find the standard fonts boring, hard to read, or, like me, you merely despise it, CF is for you! ClearFont will replace your World of Warcraft fonts with something rather better... BACKGROUND I chose these typefaces as they are all clear and modern, yet retain aesthetic beauty. I am proud to say CF is also very effective at helping those with impaired eyesight enjoy World of Warcraft. ClearFont is rated 4.65 on WorldofWar.net, with well over...


Oct 16, 2008 Sairen Abandoned Embedded library
Round, hex, glossy, etc. action button textures for various addons.


Oct 16, 2008 pheredhel Abandoned Embedded library
Ok, thought it would be quicker, but now, mustics (over at WoWI) allowed me to merge in the updates he did, while I was away, so if the tests work well this evening (Europe) then the new and working version will be up here today CCBreaker reports who broke crowdcontrol effects. The Addon supports various ways to report these events FuBar party/raid chat center of screen list It also reports what skill broke the CC. Through this it can be used for party or raid "debugging" i.e. to see who...


Oct 13, 2008 piranther Abandoned Embedded library
ChatStamp adds simple configurable time-stamps that prefix all chat messages. Use the command line, minimap button, or built-in FuBar plugin to configure and control ChatStamp. Type /chatstamp for text-based usage information.
  • 5 reverse relationships found