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Jul 16, 2011 alar Abandoned Embedded library
Extra Unit buttons with mini action bar Known limits Pet's spells are not yet supported. Limited support for macro New units Target,Target of Target, Target of Target of Target,Focus,Pet Target Mini action bar For each unit you can configure: one friendly bar (showed when the unit is friendly) one ostile bar for stance 0 or no stance Druids also have Bear bar Cat bar Stealth cat bar Travel and flight bar Warrior have 1 ostile bar for each stance Rogues have normal and stealth ostile bar...


Apr 01, 2011 Kemayo Abandoned Embedded library
Friends list improvements: notes, remembering the information of offline friends, friend list syncing and backups, and a fubar plugin for it all


Jun 15, 2009 grennon Abandoned Embedded library
AutoCompletes Scryer/Aldor, BC, ZG Coin, PVP, Felwood, Northrend, and other quests. Dailies, Repeatable Quests, etc.


Mar 12, 2009 simlan Abandoned Embedded library
ActionCombat shows animated icons for specific in-combat events. Note: You have to enable Blizzards combat text (but you can disable all text events). Description: A set of important self buff events (like "Nightfall" for Warlocks) and reactive abilities (like "Execute" for Warriors) are displayed as animations to be more prominent. User defined self-buffs can be added in addition to the set of defaults. You can hide the Bizzard error frame to prevent messages like "You have no target"....


Dec 07, 2008 Uruloke Abandoned Embedded library
Combat HUD based on NurfedHUD This addon is no longer in development and has been replaced by ArcHUD3.
  • 5 reverse relationships found