8 - Consistent bugout calling the tooltip with no pet present

What steps will reproduce the problem?

1. Either dismiss your pet (don't abandon) or enter a state where the pet automatically, temporarily goes away (mounting a flying mount, taking a flight master flight, etc.)

2. When a pet isn't present as above, mouse over the FuBar_PetInfoFu text/icon on FuBar or a LDB display.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Expected: either no tooltip to appear without issues or information on the last pet you had out to appear in the tooltip.

Instead: the text switches from the pet name to "No pet", no tooltip appears and errors are thrown.

What version of the product are you using?

v4.2.0 in WoW 4.2 live (USEnglish client/server)

Do you have an error log of what happened?

If you do the above steps (1. & 2.) using an old saved variables file from when last using r105 in WoW 4.1, the below error is thrown:

["message"] = "FuBar_PetInfoFu-4.2.0 106\\PetInfoFu.lua:963: Usage: GetStablePetInfo(slot)\nFuBar_PetInfoFu-4.2.0 106\\PetInfoFu.lua:963: in function `OnTooltipUpdate'\nFuBar2Broker-r88-release\\FuBar2Broker.lua:346: in function `runChildren'\nTablet-2.0-90216 (FuBar_GreedBeacon):2370: in function `children'\nTablet-2.0-90216 (FuBar_GreedBeacon):2414: in function `Open'\nTablet-2.0-90216 (FuBar_GreedBeacon):2577: in function `Register'\nFuBar2Broker-r88-release\\FuBar2Broker.lua:342: in function `TabletRegister'\nFuBar2Broker-r88-release\\FuBar2Broker.lua:176: in function `OnEnter'\nStatBlockCore-2.69\\StatBlockCore.lua:613: in function <Interface\\AddOns\\StatBlockCore\\StatBlockCore.lua:602>\n",
			["type"] = "error",
			["time"] = "2011/06/29 17:05:59",
			["locals"] = {
				"self = <table> {\n ToggleIsShowingStabledPets = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:117\n GetDemonicKnowledgeRank = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:453\n OnTooltipUpdate = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:736\n canHideText = true\n UpdateTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar2Broker\\FuBar2Broker.lua:189\n UpdateNetheredDemon = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:478\n IsShowingSkills = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:91\n IsShowingActivePets = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:123\n title = \"Hunter - FuBar - |cffffffffPetInfo|r|cff00ff00Fu|r\"\n IsShowingMendPetFrame = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:101\n AddActivePets = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:603\n GetTalentColour = <function> defined @Inte", -- [1]
				"rface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:413\n ShowSkills = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:647\n OnMenuRequest = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:516\n hasNoColor = false\n db = <table> {\n }\n StoreCurrentPet = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:374\n ToggleIsShowingAttributes = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:75\n COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:185\n ToggleIsShowingPetName = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:64\n hasIcon = true\n IsShowingStabledPets = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:113\n email = \"[email protected]\"\n UpdateText = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:991\n uid = \"2400CA50\"\n ToggleIsShowingMendPetFrame = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\Pe", -- [2]
				"tInfoFu.lua:105\n frame = StatBlockCore_Hunter - FuBar - |cffffffffPetInfo|r|cff00ff00Fu|r {\n }\n IsShowingCombatStats = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:81\n IsShowingAttributes = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:71\n IsTrackingPetSkills = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:133\n OnInitialize = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:146\n PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:202\n UNIT_PET = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:208\n ToggleIsShowingCombatStats = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:85\n OnClick = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:1053\n GetActivePets = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:419\n text = Hunter - FuBar - |cffffffffPetInfo|r|cff00ff00Fu|rText {\n }", -- [3]
				"\n IsHunter = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:504\n ToggleIsTrackingPetSkills = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:137\n acedb-profile-list = <table> {\n }\n acedb-profile-copylist = <table> {\n }\n IsWarlock = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:509\n slashCommand = \"/pifu\"\n website = \"http://jayhawk.wowinterface.com/portal.php\"\n super = <table> {\n }\n date = \"2011.06.29\"\n category = \"Interface Enhancements\"\n author = \"Jayhawk\"\n version = \"4.2.0 106\"\n IsShowingPetName = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:60\n PET_STABLE_CLOSED = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:196\n OnDisable = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:176\n notes = \"Displays Pet Info for Hunters and Warlocks. Also keeps track of Stables and Pet and Demon skills.\"\n CHARACTER_POINTS_CHANGED = <function> defined @Interface\\Ad", -- [4]
				"dOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:181\n AddNetheredDemons = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:679\n ToggleIsShowingActivePets = <function> defi", -- [5]
			["session"] = 3074,
			["counter"] = 5,
		}, -- [997]

If instead you do the above steps (1. & 2.) with a blank, fresh saved variables, the following error is thrown:

["message"] = "FuBar_PetInfoFu-4.2.0 106\\PetInfoFu.lua:965: attempt to index global 'tooltipLine' (a nil value)\nFuBar2Broker-r88-release\\FuBar2Broker.lua:346: in function `runChildren'\nTablet-2.0-90216 (FuBar_GreedBeacon):2370: in function `children'\nTablet-2.0-90216 (FuBar_GreedBeacon):2414: in function `Open'\nFuBar2Broker-r88-release\\FuBar2Broker.lua:403: in function `OpenTooltip'\nFuBar2Broker-r88-release\\FuBar2Broker.lua:179: in function `OnEnter'\nStatBlockCore-2.69\\StatBlockCore.lua:613: in function <Interface\\AddOns\\StatBlockCore\\StatBlockCore.lua:602>\n",
			["type"] = "error",
			["time"] = "2011/06/30 00:13:17",
			["locals"] = {
				"tablet = <table> {\n GetNormalFontObject = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2658\n Register = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2512\n IsAttached = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2845\n GetFontSizePercent = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2691\n argCheck = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar2Broker\\libs\\AceLibrary\\AceLibrary.lua:129\n SetTransparency = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2710\n registry = <table> {\n }\n SetHint = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2621\n tooltip = Tablet20Frame {\n }\n UpdateDetachedData = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2894\n SetTitleColor = <function> defined @Interface\\Ad", -- [1]
				"dOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2637\n IsLocked = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2870\n SetTitle = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2629\n Unregister = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2582\n Close = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2332\n GetHeaderFontObject = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2663\n currentTabletData = <table> {\n }\n pcall = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar2Broker\\libs\\AceLibrary\\AceLibrary.lua:167\n ToggleLocked = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2880\n GetLibraryVersion = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar2Broker\\libs\\AceLibrary\\AceLibrary.lua:585\n IsRegistered = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\Fu", -- [2]
				"Bar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2591\n Open = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2381\n currentFrame = Tablet20Frame {\n }\n GetColor = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2781\n SetFontSizePercent = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2668\n onceRegistered = <table> {\n }\n GetTransparency = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2733\n Detach = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2800\n Attach = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2828\n GetNormalFontSize = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2648\n AddCategory = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2610\n Refresh = <funct", -- [3]
				"ion> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2855\n GetHeaderFontSize = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2653\n error = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar2Broker\\libs\\AceLibrary\\AceLibrary.lua:75\n SetColor = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_GreedBeacon\\Libs\\Tablet-2.0\\Tablet-2.0.lua:2752\n}\naddon = <table> {\n ToggleIsShowingStabledPets = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:117\n GetDemonicKnowledgeRank = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:453\n OnTooltipUpdate = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:736\n canHideText = true\n UpdateTooltip = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar2Broker\\FuBar2Broker.lua:189\n UpdateNetheredDemon = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:478\n IsShowingSkills = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetI", -- [4]
				"nfoFu.lua:91\n IsShowingActivePets = <function> defined @Interface\\AddOns\\FuBar_PetInfoFu\\PetInfoFu.lua:123\n title = \"Hunter - FuBar - |cffffffffPetInfo|r|cff00ff00Fu|r\"\n IsSho", -- [5]
			["session"] = 3076,
			["counter"] = 3,
		}, -- [999]

It repeats every time you mouse over the PetInfoFu text/icon.

Please provide any additional information below.

The problem is 100% repeatable. With a pet summoned, though, the mod works without issues.

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Jaydehawk Jun 30, 2011 at 17:27 UTC Changed status from Accepted to New
Jaydehawk Jun 30, 2011 at 17:26 UTC Changed status from New to Accepted
Zidomo Jun 30, 2011 at 04:51 UTC Create

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  • Avatar of Zidomo Zidomo Jul 02, 2011 at 14:59 UTC - 0 likes

    Thanks very much for the reply.

    The Hunter character have been using/testing this on is not 85 yet; he's 73 and not played too often. Using this with the StatBlockCore LDB display, the abandoned FuBar2Broker & FuBar replacement for FuBar2Broker (unneeded with PetInfoFu as it has no dependency for FuBar). Along with with fully updated standalone Ace3 etc. libraries. This combo worked without issues in WoW 4.1.

    Assumed that as there is no tooltip variation between the two feeds, it would be the same on FuBar. May or may not be an issue with FuBar2Broker; as mentioned, it didnt happen in WoW 4.1. The only other old FuBar mod am using with that character is FuBar_GreedBeacon. It has no issues showing a tooltip at any time. Running a couple others on other characters; they have no issues either.

    After the first error happened, deleted the saved variables and tried again. I thought the first error might be due to was due to the all the pets in the "active" pet list on the hunter increasing to the same level the hunter is in WoW 4.2 (they were not in 4.1) and PetInfoFu not dealing with that well. As the error referrred to "GetStablePetInfo(slot)". The error did change after the saved variables were deleted and relogged, but it still constantly throws an error.

    The similar rwPetStats (designed for LibDataBroker) has no issues when a pet is not present.

    As to accessing the Blizzard options frame from a LDB feed, its normally done as simply as a right-click (or some other click combo) which opens the frame. A universal small issue is having it open to the proper mod header in the panel. Many mods don't do it properly and it opens to a random location, the last location you were at, etc..

    A code example from one of the few mods that does it properly - - GuildSearch. Right-clicking opens (& closes) the Blizzard options frame to the "GuildSearch" header 100% of the time:

    guildSearchLDB = LDB:NewDataObject("GuildSearch",{
    		type = "launcher",
    		icon = "Interface\\Icons\\INV_Scroll_03.blp",
    		OnClick = function(clickedframe, button)
    		    if button == "RightButton" then
        			local optionsFrame = InterfaceOptionsFrame
        			if optionsFrame:IsVisible() then

    If you are referring instead to actually creating options in the Blizzard frame, first you have to register them. Using AceConfig-3.0, its pretty simple. From the mod above again:

    LibStub("AceConfig-3.0"):RegisterOptionsTable("GuildSearch", self:GetOptions())
    	self.optionsFrame = LibStub("AceConfigDialog-3.0"):AddToBlizOptions(
    	    "GuildSearch", "Guild Search")

    Then you create the options to appear there:

    local options
    function GuildSearch:GetOptions()
        if not options then
            options = {
                name = "Guild Search",
                handler = GuildSearch,
                type = 'group',
                args = {
            		displayheader = {
            			order = 0,
            			type = "header",
            			name = "General Options",
            	    minimap = {
                        name = L["Minimap Button"],
                        desc = L["Toggle the minimap button"],
                        type = "toggle",
                        set = function(info,val)
                            	-- Reverse the value since the stored value is to hide it
                                self.db.profile.minimap.hide = not val
                            	if self.db.profile.minimap.hide then
                        get = function(info)
                    	        -- Reverse the value since the stored value is to hide it
                                return not self.db.profile.minimap.hide
            			order = 10

    and so on.

    This really does need an update to Ace3 and LDB instead of Ace2 & FuBar; until then will try this again once/if you can fix the bug.

    Last edited Jul 03, 2011 by Zidomo
  • Avatar of Jaydehawk Jaydehawk Jun 30, 2011 at 17:28 UTC - 0 likes

    Hi Zidomo For the life of me I can't reproduce this with FuBar. I haven't got Fubar2LDB, so it might be related to that?

    I'm still trying to find time to port these to LDB, but I'm having serious problems trying to access the actual options in the Interface window, Jay



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