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ya blew it.


Aug 25, 2015 bencvt Release Tool used
Shadow-Lord Iskar in Hellfire Citadel is just one of those fights. The Eye of Anzu is a relatively unique mechanic that's easy to mess up. And if you mess up, you've probably wiped the raid. And, most frustratingly, it's not always easy to figure out what went wrong. For example: a couple people got pushed off the edge. Joeshmo had the Eye of Anzu last, was it his fault they died? No, he had just got the Eye. Okay, who had it before him, were they the ball hog? Or was it someone earlier in...


Jun 27, 2015 EthanCentaurai Release Tool used
ItemGuard Have you ever accidentally sold something to a vendor before logging off? Have you ever needed to use Blizzard's item restoration for something you lost? Would you like to have some sort of protection to prevent accidental loss of items? Then this addon could be for you! What it does This addon will automatically buy back any items that you have told the addon to protect. ItemGuard does not protect any items by default, but you can easily tell it to. Simply type in "/itemguard" into...
Choose which targets and spells you're responsible for interrupting.


Sep 08, 2012 Morsker Abandoned Tool used
Description A PvE-oriented mod to help with interrupts, particularly auditory and visual alerts for interruptable spells for either target or focus, with whitelisting and blacklisting. Currently a BETA. These features are what's ready so far: Announce successful interrupts to party, raid, etc. Choose warning sounds & screen flashes for target and focus. Choose which targets and spells to show warnings for, and which to ignore. Type /ih for options, or use the Blizzard config UI. Localization...
  • 3 reverse relationships found