7 - Problem with autofill

I'm an enchanter/engineer.

I put enchants on the AH fine. (all single units)

I put stacks of 4 seaforium charges on the AH, select single unit price, put in 50g, and the stack of 4 comes up at 200g (expected outcome).

Next time I put them up, I alt + left click to add them, and it remembers the total price from last time as the single price (so 200g each & the stack of 4 at 800g). I think I tried using 200g as the stack price (instead of 50g as the single unit price) and it didn't remember that I had selected stack next time & still came up with the same error.

On an unrelated not, alt + left click to auction something with only 1 click has never worked for me, the price it tries to sell everything for is always 1 silver, or 1 copper (or something horridly low like that). Just thought I'd mention it in case it doesn't work for you either? I figure this one may just be a lag issue or something.

Thanks very much, I love this addon :)

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Cyrogen Jan 10, 2011 at 07:30 UTC Create

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Jan 10, 2011
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