Reset CVars to Default

If you disabled FasterCamera without having used the Reset Button in the bottom left corner, and find that the Camera Zoom Speed and/or Max Camera Distance are wrong, you can use this macro script to reset the CVars

/run for _,v in ipairs({"cameraDistanceMoveSpeed","cameraDistanceMax","cameraDistanceMaxFactor"})do SetCVar(v,GetCVarDefault(v))end

Reset Button

If you press the Reset button in the bottom left corner:

  • cameraDistanceMoveSpeed will reset to 8.33 instead (Blizzard's default setting)
  • cameraDistanceMax will reset to 15 instead (Blizzard's default setting)


  • FasterCamera overrides cameraDistanceMax, in order to set the default value to 50 instead of 15
  • FasterCamera overrides cameraDistanceMaxFactor and sets it to a value of 1, in order to provide an accurate Max Camera Distance slider range
    Reason: If the slider (cameraDistanceMax) is at 10, the real distance should be at 1*10 = 10, and not e.g. 2*10 = 20 instead


  • FasterCamera disables Blizzard's Max Camera Distance slider (InterfaceOptionsCameraPanelMaxDistanceSlider), for the same reason as above and to "hint" the user that cameraDistanceMaxFactor is being overridden

    Blizzard's Max Camera Distance slider

v0.8 - 2011.11.18


Date created
Nov 28, 2011