ExtraSpellAlert extends the new Blizzard Spell Alert functionality in 4.0.1 to allow for extra customization. Type /esa for options.


  • Allows the filtering of specific events that you do not want to show
  • Shows additional animations to indicate when a buff has more than one charge left (i.e., Fingers of Frost)
  • Tints alerts when they are about to expire
  • Shows text for time left on the buff

Note: The internal spell proc names are not always consistent with the buff names (i.e., "Arcane Missiles Aurastate" is the current internal name for what should be the "Arcane Missiles!" buff). Because this is something on Blizzard's side, I cannot manually fix procs that fall into this category, and thus, they will not work as they should. If you do encounter any problems with specific procs, please let me know which are not working.

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Date created
Oct 10, 2010
Last updated
Nov 23, 2010