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EPGPAttendance is a mod that estimates raid attendance based on observed changes in EP.  To get started, type /epgpa .

- You must have the "EPGP (dkp reloaded)" mod installed
- You only have attendance data starting from the moment you install this mod
- Attendance is deduced based on observed changes in EP, so if you are not online for a raid, the numbers may become inaccurate. If you sign in before the next raid, you should be OK. If you take an extended break from WoW, the numbers will get thrown way off.

- Customizable attendance columns (including the ability to ignore certain days of the week)
- Browseable history of observed EP changes (so you can audit for mistakes and bugs)
- Browseable history of individual players

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  • Avatar of nicklozon nicklozon May 09, 2010 at 23:56 UTC - 0 likes

    Excellent work! I love the concept and this will be one of my favourite addons.

    The only looming problem is that one day I will need to take a night off and miss raid, and that small chunk will be missing.

    Now, I am thinking there is a few things I could do. First thing is I could fill in the data manually, where ever it is stored or synchronize my saved variables with another guild member, etc. But, I think the best way is to have the addon communicate any missing data with other members within the guild.

    I am not sure of how this would work, but I know its possible.

    I may start actually playing around with synchronizing the data, depending on how tough it is.
    I will probably take the hash of each day and compare which ones differ between players, then send the data over and keep it if its within the data retention setting.

  • Avatar of dcwarpath dcwarpath Mar 23, 2010 at 13:50 UTC - 0 likes

    Corg - I am very interested in this MOD as my guild has been using EPGP plus a manual tracking spreadsheet for attendance. I am hoping you can post much more detailed information on this add on. Servers are offline so some of this might be answered by going into the configuration, but I can't see that now. Would seem helpful to others if you could post more details…

    1. "Attendance is deduced based on observed changes in EP" - What exactly does this mean? Here's what I am interested in: Each EP award should be looked at as an attendance check. Example: Guild raids 4 hours a day. EP given every 30 Minutes. (Total EP awards per day =8) I would like the system to show 50% attendance for the day if the player received 4 Awards out of 8.

    2. Is the system flexible enough to show different time periods? Example: 7 Days, 14 Days, 30 Days, 60 Days

    3. How long is data saved?

    4. Does this add on synch with others in raid so all officer can see same data? If not, can it be exported and posted to a forums or other public area?

    5. Is this mod still in development? No changes have been posted for 3 months. Have you discussed this add with the EPGP Developers? They might be interested in incorporating your ideas into the standard EPGP build as a feature which would eliminate the need to additional add ons.



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