addon_desc EnsidiaFails is an addon that reports if a player in the raid fails to avoid an ability during a boss encoutner, that could have been avoided.

admiral Admiral of the FAILFLEET is: 

after After combat

Amount of entries to display

announce Announce to

announce_after_style Announce after style

announce_after_style_desc How should the fail report look after combat

announce_desc Set Announce output

announce_style Announce style

announce_style_desc When to report fails

Announcing Disabled! %s is the main announcer. (He/She has the same version as you (%s))

Announcing Disabled! %s is the main announcer. (Please consider updating your addon his/her version was %s)(yours: %s)

Announcing Enabled! YOU are the main announcer for EnsidiaFails, please check your announcing settings

At how many stacks are you supposed to stop dps

Auto Delete New Instance

being at the wrong place

captain Captain of the FAILBOAT is: 



Confirm Delete Instance

Confirm Delete on Raid Join

Deep Breath

Delete New Instance Only

Delete on Raid Join

didnt_fail Players who did not fail: 

diff...  different players! Displaying the TOP %s...

diff%...  different players! Displaying the TOP %s...

Disable announce override


Disallows accepting commands from other users that'd change the announcing settings


during During combat

during_and_after During and after combat

failed  failed 

fails_at  has failed at 

fails_on  FAILS on 

filter Filter

filter_desc Tick in the fails you want to track! If a fail doesn't have a tick next to its name, that fail won't be tracked or announced!

Frost Bomb

general General