Easy Misdirection



English: |cFF33FF99Usage|r

- With a Data Broker display, I use ChocolateBar
- With the minimap icon
- With Titan Panel
- With the command line

The macro |cFFFF3333need|r to be named |cFFFF3333%s|r, the replacement string |cFFFF3333need|r to be |cFFFF3333%s|r and is |cFFFF3333case sensitive|r. You can set differents macros depending on your location (5-man, raid, battleground, arena) and your current specialisation if activated. You can also set it manualy with the menu or the command line, below you will find the order behavior. When your are not using a macro location type the input box |cFFFF3333need to be empty|r or the addon will consider it activated.

You can drag and drop a spell from the spellbook to the input boxes.

Macro example:

If activated when you will enter a 5-man instance and roles are defined the macro will be automaticaly set to the tank, if the tank left and auto pet is activated the macro will switch to your pet, and if a new tank join it will set it automaticaly. If activated when you will leave the instance the macro will be automaticaly set to your pet.

You can create the macro easily in the configuration dialog.

|cFF33FF99Locations behavior|r

- |cFFC79C6EParty|r: Party => Raid => Default
- |cFFC79C6ERaid|r: Raid => Party => Default
- |cFFC79C6EBattleground|r: Battleground => Arena => Default
- |cFFC79C6EArena|r: Arena => Battleground => Default


|cFFC79C6E/md|r or |cFFC79C6E/easymd|r

- With no argument it will display the configuration dialog.
- |cFFC79C6E/md help|r Commands help.
- |cFFC79C6E/md <target> [raid|party|pvp|arena|default]|r, Will set the macro to the given target with the optional forced instance type.
- |cFFC79C6E/md cicle|r, Cicle through tanks if the Tanks module is activated


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