Change log

tag v0.8-release
OrionShock <OrionShock@gmail.com>
2010-12-07 14:54:29 -0700

Accumulitive update


    - toc bump
    - left click to announce current instance regardless of run time
    - add some debug for kicks
    - add check for when LFG Completion fires w/o proper start
    - don't force load the blizzard debug tools anymore
    - add options for verbose output
    - rearange options to show general, brag, purge, sink
    - clean up localizations, remove duplicate phrases that have different punctuation
    - fix nil check on a match() call
    - implement a proper UserFacing print method & functions
    - fix for adding current run time in
    - fix shift clicking on LDB feed to announce std options
    - fix SecToTimeSpecial to be more uniform, use 4digit timestamp for less than an hour/min
    - utilize label and value in LDB, text is everything as a fall back.
    - fix char/overall announce not being respected when the end of a run completes.
    - use HH:MM & srink down the verbage to 1 line instead of 1 for each option selected.
    - move blocks around fix nosavereset to not fubar event registring if clicked outside of a run
    - only start timer when there is a full group. alt - right click to clear run and not save
    - clean up file
    - add methods to manually start and end a run timer
    - fix opt deps for no-libs
    - more info on debug
    - more logic fixes,  more like conveluted methods to make it act right
    - add some info to locale file
    - fix logic to act as intended with announcing
    - comment out hard debug
    - Account -> Overall, fix output for only options and general announce
    - add global time tracking. add options for it, add options for overall and specifics. Current Runtime is always applied to output if it's available.
    - prevent empty string output
    - add defaults for best time run, disabled by default. disable total runs by default in announce.
    - fix typo
    - add in Best Instance run time.
    - aparently the specific key localizations don't work with , handle-unlocalized="english" as an option
    - fix various localization methods
    - add localization methods to ToC
    - consolidate L["Current Runtime:"] ->  L["Current Runtime: %s"] fix locale spelling
    - make locale file more generic
    - fix another bug with shiftclick in LDB OnClick
    - fix localizations
    - fix on update to only really update every second
    - add short name for ldb object
    - add onUpdate to show current instance runtime in LDB Object.text
    - fix oddity if you have nothing selected to announce.
    - add more debug in. fix LDB On click, yet again. add current instance run time to brag()
    - add announce options & revamp the Announce() call
    - remove currentInstance/lastInstance locals as they are no longer needed b/c of the brag() options
    - fix level name in other spot. self->addon in LDB-OnClick. typo in announce()
    - use (Heroic) in instance name instead of "5 Player (Heroic)"
    - make brag() work
    - refactor announce methods to 1 function. Change purge around to also serve Brag()
    - add in purge option
    - sort ldb tooltip. add SecondsToTimeScrub to remove |4 useage from SecToTime(), change output message to be more informative
    - add libsink / remove libdbicon
    - include libsink, remove libdbicon as it will not be used
    - add LibSink-2.0 to mix n'd make it work
    - add in basics for options table
    - remove comments
    - fix another typo
    - UnRegister -> Unregister
    - fix end of run ghosting
    - fix LDB onClick to work properly now
    - fix onclick handler
    - cache the last party we where in and use that in ldb on click, remove chat frame spam, only use tekDebug
    - start sending stuff to party chat annoyingly
    - fix ldb to work as hint sugests
    - remove test db entries. add current instance run to LDB tooltip fix typo's from removing UII
    - change localizations to perminant debug mode until web app is used
    - remove use of UpdateInstanceInfo, it has a problem firing under certain conditions.
    - add localizations file
    - add localizations
    - flesh out LDB object to show a simple listing of what's in the db. will change later to only show best 5?
    - add LibDBIcon, will eventually use
    - add bones for LDB
    - Inital Import


Uploaded on
Dec 07, 2010
Game version
  • 4.0.3a
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