Dimmed Actions


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barActionDesc Hook action bar buttons

barActionName Action bar

barBonusActionDesc Hook bonus action bar buttons

barBonusActionName Bonus Action bar

barsGroupDesc Bar options

barsGroupName Bars

bitcoinAddress Bitcoin address

blizOptionsName Sorry %s, but the options are in another window.

blizzard Blizzard

blizzardBarsGroupDesc Blizzard action bar options.

blizzardBarsGroupName Blizzard Bars

blizzardDesc Blizzard action bar options.

blockOtherColoursDesc Block other addons from colouring or dimming the action buttons.

blockOtherColoursName Block other addons

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coloursGroupDesc Condition's colour and transparency

coloursGroupName Colour and alpha

cooldownColourDesc Spell is on cooldown

cooldownColourName Coolodwn

dimAlphaDesc How transparent buttons become when dimmed.

dimAlphaName Dimmed transparency

dimCombatOnlyDesc Dim actions only in combat.

dimCombatOnlyName Only In Combat

dimConditionsGroupDesc Select which conditions will dim your action buttons.

dimConditionsGroupName Dim conditions

dimCooldownDesc Dim spells on cooldown.

dimCooldownName Dim Cooldown

dimMacrosDesc Dim macros too. This may not work for really complicated macros.

dimMacrosName Dim Macros

dimNoManaDesc Dim actions you don't have the mana/energy/rage for.

dimNoManaName Dim No Mana

dimOutOfRangeDesc Dim actions that are out of range of your target.

dimOutOfRangeName Dim out of range

dimSpellExistsDesc Dim actions if spell exists on target.

dimSpellExistsName Dim Spell Exists

dimUnuseableOntargetDesc Dim action if it's unusable on target (heals on hostile target).

dimUnuseableOntargetName Dim Unusable

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