dG Killshot

dgks or dG Killshot

This is a simple mod that notifies you when you get the killshot on another player. It also notifies others in the raid that you got the killshot. It does this by playing the Unreal Tournament sounds. ("Ownage!", "Killing Spree!", "Dominating!", "Unstoppable!", "Godlike!", and "Wicked Sick!")

Use /dgks to quickly open to GUI. Or navigate to it through the built in Blizzard game menu.


  • Sound Notifications Plays Unreal Tournament, DoTA, or custom sounds when you get a killshot .
  • Text Notifications Many output options including scrolling text mods, chat windows, etc,
  • Synchronization Communication with all other mod users in your group,raid,guild or bg
  • Streaks Plays different sounds depending on the length of your killing streak .
  • Multi-kills Different notifications for streaks of kills in a short period of time.
  • Easy configuration GUI integrated in the Blizzard add-on interface.
  • Logging Kills and deaths are logged and displayed in the GUI.
  • Very customizable Add custom .mp3 or .ogg files.

Additional soundpacks:

Ask questions and get support at:

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Date created
Sep 29, 2008
Last updated
Dec 04, 2010