Customize the PlayerPowerBarAlt display that is used during the Atramedes encounter as a sound meter, or the Cho'gall corrupted bar meter, or for that matter anything that'd use the default Blizzard alternative power bar.

The addon replaces the Blizzard default bar with a more customizable bar.

Customization options:

  • Bar: Move/Scale/Width/High/Texture/Colour
  • Border: Size/Texture/Colour
  • Text: Font/Outline/Percentage/Size/Position/Colour
  • Flash: Max Power/Given Percentage

/cppba to bring up the configuration menu where you can use the Show/Hide button to configure the bar

Shift + Left click on a the bar will print out your current power status in the raid chat. (Only works if you actually have more than 0 power and you are in raid)

You can help out with localization: here

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Date created
Jan 01, 2011
Last updated
Feb 07, 2011