This project is abandoned.

Whether this project is out of date or its author marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Simple addon that tracks your crititical hits, heals, etc. Doesn't try to discriminate based on target afflictions or player buffs, so in the fights that buff your damage a thousandfold somehow, you'll break all your records.

It includes a small LDB display listing your abilities and the current record for each. Whenever you break a record, a message is also printed to your chat frame. CritSpit includes a simple slash command for outputting your records to any chat channel, like party or guild.

The project screenshot shows CritSpit as displayed through the Blockoland LDB display addon, but remember that it will work with any LDB display, including NinjaPanel, Fortress, TitanPanel, and so forth.

If you wish to request a feature or file a bug report, please use the ticket system on the CritSpit project page.

Thank you, and enjoy!


Date created
Sep 26, 2008
Last update
Nov 02, 2010
Development stage
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Recent files
  • R: r37 for 4.0.1 Nov 02, 2010
  • A: r36 for 4.0.1 Nov 02, 2010
  • R: r35 for 4.0.1 Nov 01, 2010
  • R: r34 for 4.0.1 Oct 31, 2010
  • R: r33 for 4.0.1 Oct 31, 2010