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Sep 11, 2013 Broliant Release Embedded library
ConvergeFu - User Guide ConvergeFu is a small addon developed predominantly for use by the officers of Converge in order to assist them with the everyday tasks of guild management. It is designed to be a plugin for the popular FuBar plugin which means all potential users of ConvergeFu should install the FuBar addon in addition to ConvergeFu. Note though that if you have no other use for FuBar in your current User Interface (UI) then you can simply leave the FuBar menubar installed but hidden...


Sep 11, 2013 Broliant Release Embedded library
A FuBar plugin to show Recount. (Need the Broker version that has even more features? See here for details!) The original version of this addon was simply intended to provide a convenient FuBar icon from which the main window for the Recount addon could be shown/hidden by a simple toggle-click and a handy drop-down menu from which to access the main menu options of Recount. From this basic starting point, other contributors have added additional features to allow the addon to display...
SkillPlusLt Tooltip


Nov 30, 2011 Jaydehawk Abandoned Embedded library
Shows skills in a tooltip and allows them to be used. Note: The light version does not have options for Cooldown and other character skill checking.

FuBar - GroupFu

Feb 19, 2010 MarkParish Abandoned Embedded library
GroupFu is a FuBar plugin that adds group management functions, loot method detection, and roll management. Clicking on the panel icon will cause it to roll, shift-clicking will clear the last roll, and ctrl-clicking will cause it output the winner to chosen output channel. It will normally show the group looting type unless there is a roll in progress. After a roll is performed, it can announce the winner to any channel, or just locally to you. People can write 'pass' to pass on the roll....


Jan 04, 2010 ckknight Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of durability and pops up a dialog to repair when you go to a vendor who can. German translation: Chinkuwaila TO INSTALL: Put the FuBar_DurabilityFu folder into \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\ Features Shows durability of all items and overall inventory. Pops up a dialog to repair when you go to the vendor. Can hide the little armored man. Can autorepair your equipment and/or inventory.
Short mode in bar


May 28, 2009 joequincy Abandoned Embedded library
Displays who is talking in Voice Chat programs (such as Ventrilo or Teamspeak). Usage: Right-click on the FuBar plugin (or Minimap Icon) and hover over "Press to Talk Key". In the textbox that appears, enter the key you use for Push-To-Talk in your voice chat program. Mouse buttons look like: BUTTON4 = Mouse Button 4 Modifiers look like: CTRL-` = Control + Grave ( ` ) Single keys look like: G = g Alternately, you can set this in the default Key Bindings panel from the game Menu. The binding...


May 01, 2009 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
Inspection Summary and Persistence


Apr 14, 2009 Rabbit Abandoned Embedded library
Keeps track of your reagents using PeriodicTable sets.


Oct 17, 2008 Antiarc Abandoned Embedded library
Sort, search, and manage your inventory
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