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4 - Can't hide blizzUI runes?

 Using CompactRunes 1.1-4-gdcc2b41

 I just switched from DDR to CompactRunes, since DDR isn't being maintained, while updating my mods for 5.4.  So I don't know whether this is a regression in 5.4, or if CR never had this feature, or if I'm just not seeing it in the UI.

 When I first logged in to my DK, I had DDR and CR running at the same time, and as expected I didn't have blizzUI runes showing under my portrait.  Now, after sizing CR the same as I had DDR, etc., and disabling DDR, the Blizz UI runes are showing under my portrait.  (I use blizz-UI self / target / focus frames).

 Same problem when logging in to another DK on my other account, with DDR disabled before ever logging in with CR.  So that rules out some weird interaction when both mods are trying to hide the blizz runes at once.

 Anyway, like I said, too many variables changed all at once (new patch, new-to-me mod) to be sure what kind of report to write, but since I didn't see anyone else mentioning this problem when I searched, I guess CR used to hide the blizz runes.  DDR's blizz-rune hiding still works.  Ancient and bulletproof (except the blood shield part, which doesn't work anymore, but I'd rather use BloodShieldTracker for that anyway).

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  • Avatar of talryn1 talryn1 Dec 29, 2013 at 19:19 UTC - 0 likes

    The option is added in the latest version. I'm closing the ticket. If there are any issues feel free to re-open this ticket or create a new one.

  • Avatar of Karsteck Karsteck Sep 11, 2013 at 05:32 UTC - 0 likes

    Ok, that'd be nice. Like I said, DDR hides them (with no option for it), so you might want to steal that code. It looks like it just takes a couple lines at the top of OnEnable().


    function addon:OnEnable()
        if select( 2, UnitClass( "player" ) )~="DEATHKNIGHT" then return end
        RuneFrame:HookScript( "OnShow", function( self ) self:Hide() end )

    Putting the two RuneFrame method calls into CompactRune:OnEnable() did the trick.

    No need for an option cluttering up the config UI even more. If you install a rune mod, you want to replace the blizz rune UI. IDK if you see a use case for people that just want the disease-power or proc or cooldown icon tracking, without the rune UI, but in that case they could just use something else for that, or install a 2nd rune mod that looks more like the blizz ones. I'd hold off on adding an option to leave blizz runes enabled unless and until someone asks for it. Since that would be like 10x more work than adding 2 lines. :P

  • Avatar of talryn1 talryn1 Sep 10, 2013 at 21:33 UTC - 0 likes

    I think I'm so used to the unit frame addons disabling it that I never worried about. I can look into adding an option for it.



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