API / Localization


All localization entries must be added to the WoW Ace localization application. When the addon is packaged, the localization strings are taken from the application and added to the code.

Localization Schema

  • single and double words are just fine, anything longer should have a tag
  • tag name rules:
    • tags should be ALL_CAPITAL_LETTERS with words separated with _'s
    • descriptions are typically used in tooltips and header in sections
    • short descriptions will end in _DESC
    • long descriptions will end in _LONG
  • don't include the object being described in the name (no _TOGGLE or _TT) since it can be used several times to describe different objects (in theory)
  • group related elements together, either by their location in the GUI/config, or by purpose (Weapon categories, etc)

Localization Contributions

Please visit this page to see all the different localization contributions.


Date created
Oct 22, 2009