English: Pol Amberstill
Current Russian: Пол Янтарлен
Translated by ansiik Oct 20, 2009
English: Provisioner Nasela
Current Russian: Поставщик Несела
Translated by ansiik Oct 20, 2009
English: Profile Options
Current Russian: Настройки профиля
Translated by StingerSoft Dec 20, 2009
English: Pogg
Current Russian: Погг
Translated by D_Angel Feb 03, 2011
English: Poseidus
Current Russian: Посейдус
Translated by D_Angel Jul 05, 2011
English: Available from the Sack of Pet Supplies, given when completing Pet Battle dailies.
Current Russian: Доступно из Мешка товаров для питомцев за ежедневное задание Битв питомцев
Translated by freimensch Jan 11, 2013
English: Availble from Gentle San in Shrine of Two Moons (60.8, 23.4) and Sara Finkleswitch in Shrine of Seven Stars (86.4, 60.0)
Current Russian: Доступно у НИП Нежная Сань в Святилище Двух Лун (60.8, 23.4) и Сара Финкльшпунтик в Святилище Семи Звезд (86.4, 60.0)
Translated by freimensch Jan 11, 2013
English: Paul North
Current Russian: Пол Норт
Translated by D_Angel Dec 10, 2012
English: Available randomly from a Primal Egg, dropped by Devilsaurs, Direhorns, and Skyscreamers on Isle of Giants.
Current Russian: Доступно случайно из Изначального яйца, выпадающего из птиц и рапторов Пандарии. 
Translated by D_Angel Apr 04, 2013
English: Primal Direhorn
Current Russian: Древний дикорог
Translated by Hadagan Jul 29, 2013