Echo of Murmur

Elementalist Sharvak

Eliza Killian

Endora Moorehead


Eroded Cliffdweller

Estelle Gendry

Eternal Kilnmaster

EUPROMO Was available via various EU Promos.

Evol Fingers

EXCLUDECOUNT_DESC Include excluded collectables in the count of total collectables.

EXPANDALL_DESC Maximize all collectables listed below.

EXPANSION_DESC_FORMAT Show collectables released in %s.

EXPANSION_FILTER_FORMAT Shows a selection of %s reputations to include in the scan.

FACTION_DESC_FORMAT Include collectables which must first be obtained by %s players.

Faldoc Stonefaith

Fedryen Swiftspear

Felsoul Inquisitor

FILTER_CLOSE_DESC Close filter option panel.

FILTERCOUNT_DESC Include filtered collectables in the count of total collectables.

FILTER_DESC_FORMAT Toggles display of %s collectables.

FILTERING_BINDING_DESC Configuration for which types of binding are included in the scan.

FILTERING_GENERAL_DESC Configuration for several more general filter types.

FILTERING_ITEM_DESC Configuration for which item types are included in the scan.

FILTERING_MISC_DESC Configuration for miscellaneous options which are also present in the display options.

FILTERING_OBTAIN_DESC Configuration for which methods of obtaining collectables are included in the scan.

FILTERING_PLAYERTYPE_DESC Configuration for items matching which player types are included in the scan.

FILTERING_QUALITY_DESC Configuration for which quality types are included in the scan.

FILTERING_REP_DESC Configuration for which reputation reward collectables are included in the scan.

FILTER_OPEN_DESC Open filter option panel.

FIONA'S_CHARM Complete the quest Fiona's Lucky Charm, then with the buff kill anything and everything for Hidden Stashes, which have a chance of containing Mr. Grubbs.

First Arcanist Thalyssra

FISHING_DAILIES Chance at being in the reward bags for the fishing dailies from the classic Home Cities and Dalaran.

FISHING_TOURNAMENT Random reward from the Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament.

Flamescale Broodling

FLEX Only available from Flex version of this boss.


FONT_SIZE_DESC Changes the size of the fonts for Collectinator.

Foreboding Flame

Fossilwood the Petrified